Release: President Forever 2012 v. 1.1.4

President Forever 2012 Beta v. 1.1.4 has been released.

Note: as this is the first version to switch from Alpha to Beta, it will install by default to a different folder, President Forever 2012 Beta.

If you have a previous Alpha installed, you can uninstall it. To do this, use the Start menu > Programs > President Forever 2012 Alpha > Uninstall President Forever 2012 Alpha.

Note: computer player AI is not complete. This results in computer players not focusing on the optimal states, and so on.

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9 thoughts on “Release: President Forever 2012 v. 1.1.4”

  1. Scandals need to be updated too. It’s very confusing when it says “Republican scandal” and shows a picture of Newt. Does that mean that a scandal was unleashed on the Republican Party as a whole affecting everybody or just Newt in particular?

  2. I think they just attribute it to Newt as a deflection. Doesn’t matter who it was. Just kidding.

  3. Oh, and on a more serious note, I think “if rest in home state, +2 EPs” is a nice touch.

  4. As a note, the primary results in the window where the graphs are hasn’t been inputted yet.

    Other than that, nothing to report. I did notice that you downsized Election Night from President Forever 2008 (less bells and whistles).

    Money does seem a bit too excessive. Romney usually can spend $30 million on hard to win but OTOH, since the AI isn’t developed, I would not change that just yet. If the AI is fully developed and the money seems too excessive, I would (down the road) consider limiting how much can be fund raised. I’d like to be down to $500,000 and wondering (in a close race) which of the 5 states that I need to spend money in instead of having the luxury of spending $20 million in each. But that’s atm because Obama (I’m playing as Romney) isn’t very focused.

    So far, it’s a much more competitive game than 2008 and I like that. I really look forward to you developing the AI.

    Oh – the AI should be linked to fundraising. E.g, the AI should be (if we can see the AI’s fundraising totals) should be able to see ours and gauge appropriately how much they need to raise in their position and do so. If it isn’t already.

    Other than that, went smoothly, went great.

  5. Also – A big request. If possible.

    Is there a way to create a way to play this game through multiplayer? I think that would be fantastic. It was tried many years ago but didn’t work out.

    Is there a tool that could work with PF 2012 that we could use (and maybe you could modify your game) to allow us to play with it multiplayer?

  6. I would love to see multiplayer also especially if you mean by online. I would also love to see a scenario converter if you release a Campaigns manager 2012. I noticed that the very basic concept and base of the scenarios from PF 2008 are very similar but of course it would probably take a while to develop such tool. Just wishful thinking 🙂

  7. @GOP Gipper,

    “Is there a way to create a way to play this game through multiplayer?”

    Once everything else is done, multiplayer will be considered – request noted.


    Do you mean a scenario converter to convert P4E8 scenarios into P4E12? If so, then no, we won’t do this.

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