13 thoughts on “Crowdsourcing: Tim Kaine 2016”

  1. Using wikipedia, I’d put Kaine as a center-left on everything except:

    Abortion (center or center-right)

    War on Terror (center or center-left)

    Health Care) (left or center-left)

    He would do well in Virginia, particularly. I think he would do next best in any of the mid-Atlantic states, including the Carolinas.

  2. @Jonathan,

    Thanks for this – I’ve updated him to most of those values.

    Any other feedback welcome.

  3. Abortion, center right
    Gun control, center right
    health care, center left
    energy and environment, center left or left
    Defense spending, center right
    same sex marriage, left
    taxes, center left
    social security, center

    based off wikipedia and on the issues.

  4. Hes a southerner, so…
    Government spending, center left or center
    immigration, center
    military intervention, center right
    role of government, center
    iran, center
    education, center left
    free trade, center
    unions, center left or center
    war on terror, center right
    corruption, left or center left.

  5. He’s also the DNC chairman, so I’d expect him to be more Center-Left than Center. I don’t think he’d get the position if he was this Centrist.

  6. It might be close though, in certain states the more moderate candidate wins the primary/caucus. Which reminds me, he’d be strongest from south carolina east to louisiana. as far north as kentucky. Tieing warner in virginia.

  7. He’s the DNC chairman, he wouldn’t get the position if he were that centrist. He should be Center-Left.

    Andrew Cuomo needs to have his gun control position changed. Right now in the game it’s just center-left; as he’s made his gun control position quite clear, it should be left or more likely far-left.

    Rand Paul needs to be higher in the polls, he polls as one of the top candidates along with Rubio, Ryan, and Christie. He definitely should poll higher than Bob McDonnell is, and get his home state off the bat instead of McDonnell. McDonnell isn’t seen as a major candidate in the next election. Paul should get most or all of the southern states that McDonnell is getting, and some of the states that Jindal gets though Jindal should get a few.
    Santorum should poll highest in his home state of Pennsylvania, and a few Midwestern and Southern states.
    Focus on the Family and Planned Parenthood should be potential endorsers.
    Ted Cruz did filibuster drone strikes, as the war on terror issue secondarily issues a concern for civil liberties that shrinks the further right on the dial it is, maybe his position should reflect civil liberties a little bit more instead of the center-right “at home sometimes civil liberties must be compromised”, and members of the administration Hillary and Biden should move rightward?
    Bush and Rubio should have a higher relationship, as should Paul and Cruz as I noticed Paul’s father had with Romney in the 2012 scenario.
    Gun control should move up as an issue as it seems like it’ll be a big issue in the next election. In some states, rather it’s the left’s or right’s position, abortion possibly could be a higher priority.
    Christie should be moved more towards the center, and Rubio should move more leftward on the dial on immigration. John Thune should be moved left of right on government spending, he voted for TARP.
    Alan Grayson could be a candidate for the Democrats.
    I’d like to see the Libertarian, Green, Constitution, and Independent parties added.

  8. I’d like to see Alan Grayson as a candidate as well. Also, with Santorum coming in second in 2012, I would think that he should actually poll higher than Rubio, even if he doesnt win many states. He should be strongest in Pennsylvania. With Immigration becoming more and more important, there should also be some immigration opponents and immigration supporters available as endorsers.

  9. I second Jake’s idea for third parties and I would like to see the parties specially added to the game. Also, when will we see the next update released?

  10. @Jake,

    Thank you for the feedback – noted.

    For 3rd parties, the first one will probably be the Libertarian party – parties will be added once the game editor allows for party additions and editing.

  11. @Lucas, “With Immigration becoming more and more important, there should also be some immigration opponents and immigration supporters available as endorsers.”

    This is a good idea – anyone have specific recommendations?

  12. Oh! I know!
    Anti- NumbersUSA, FAIR, and/or the Minuteman Project.
    Pro- La Raza and/or another group, I think there’s one called America’s Voice?

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