11 thoughts on “Crowdsourcing: Cory Booker 2016”

  1. %’s should be +10 in NJ, +5 in NY,VT,MA,CT,RI, & +3 in PA. As for platform basically center-left and left for all issues I don’t know him well enough for individual issues though, sorry.

  2. Same sex marriage, left.
    Health care, left or far left
    Education, center
    gun control, left
    Tax rates, center left
    immigration, center left or left
    Military, center left
    iran, left
    Environment and energy, left.

    Based off of “on the issues”

  3. I think he’d be about 1% in every state except NJ, NY, CT and DC. He’d be about 10% in NJ and 5% in NY and CT. DC might be 5%

    I’d agree with Lucas on his opinion of his issues. On the issues that aren’t known, I”d put him at Center-Left.

  4. Ignoring the odd priority, (I’d think Hickenlooper and Patrick among others would be the next viable candidates),

    The issues sound about right. He shouldn’t have more support than Castro.

  5. The issues positions sound right, kind of surprised Booker was picked next though over others.
    He’s a mayor now, but in 2016 he might possibly be a Senator.
    I think Condi Rice and Grayson should be the next viable candidates.

  6. Hey, I suggested this (bet I wasn’t the only one) awesome, would love to get an alert when he goes live.

  7. @Adam,

    Thanks for the feedback! You can click the RSS or Twitter icons on the side of the screen to make sure you get notified of the latest releases when they happen.

  8. The media have not covered Mayor Booker’s mismanagement of Newark. The lazy media have bought into Booker’s “hero mayor” myth and have not come to Newark to report on this inept absentee mayor.

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