11 thoughts on “Crowdsourcing: John Hickenlooper 2016”

  1. Same-Sex Marriage C
    Education CL
    Energy CL
    Environment CL
    Role Of Government R
    Gun Control C
    Health Care CR
    Immigration C
    I looked it up on ontheissues and had a look at what most closely matched the description in the 2012 scenario.

  2. Energy and environment, center left or left
    Gun control, left
    Same sex marriage, center left
    Health care, center left
    Social security, center right
    education, center left
    Immigration, center left
    Military, center right.

    based off of wikipedia and on the issues

  3. He;d probably do as well as Castro, Schweitzer, Booker or Klobuchar. I’d give him about 10% in his state and maybe a little more than 1% in Wyoming, maybe 3 to 5%.

  4. I haven’t heard anything about Hickenlooper running in the next cycle. We might as well add Graham, Collins or Feinstein.
    I think Ben Carson should be the next one though, or possibly Condi Rice or Grayson.

  5. I think Rice would be interesting. Rice and Kerry.

    Hickenlooper is actually mentioned every once in awhile because his popularity rating is pretty high.

  6. Off topic question: when will a new category be added for PF2016 for fan created scenarios? I’d love to test out the new game UI and features in state senate races, governor races, etc.

  7. There is now a President Forever 2016 category at scenarios.270soft.com, for scenario designers. It will appear once the first P4E16 scenario is posted.

  8. I’m really excited that we have so many options to choose from. I know that once we can create a full scenario, I’m going to create some interesting what-if scenarios within past elections. For instance, Washington trying for a 3rd term. Teddy Roosevelt running in 1916. General Sherman agreeing to run. Grover Cleveland running in 1900. Ted Kennedy running in 1988. Alexander Hamilton running for president. Etcetera.

  9. @Jonathan, thanks for this feedback – we’re still a way from there, but next release should have expanded party editing abilities.

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