Release: Prime Minister Forever – Australia v. 1.4.8

Prime Minister Forever – Australia 2013 v. 1.4.8 has been released. This release adds candidate names for constituencies, adds the Palmer United Party, updates issues, continues to expand the Editor, and more.


– PUP has been added, but isn’t enabled by default. There will be more work done on preference flows before enabling them.
– High-profile independents are to be added.
– If you installed PM4E Australia 2013 before v. 1.4.5, you might have a 2010 scenario show up that will not work. To fix this, delete the 2010 scenario (by using your File Explorer), or leave it.

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7 thoughts on “Release: Prime Minister Forever – Australia v. 1.4.8”

  1. Just a heads up Anthony, if you’ll excuse my pedantry.

    In-game, Clive Palmer is referred to by the title “Dr.” however he is not a doctor at all. In real life, he often refers to himself as a Professor, but this is only an honorific bestowed on him by a Queensland University and he technically is not allowed to use it publicly. Essentially, ‘Mr. Clive Palmer’ would probably be the most appropriate name for him in the game.

  2. Additionally, the starting percentage for the Palmer United Party should probably be much higher considering they eventually finished with 6% of the vote.

  3. @Asanak,

    Re: Palmer, fixed in the latest internal – thanks for this info.

    Re: PUP percentages, agreed. The numbers will be increased for the next release.

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