President Infinity – Version Amundsen – 1.8.2

President Infinity v. Amundsen – 1.8.2 for Windows and Mac has been released!

If you are a President Infinity (President Forever 2016) owner, you are eligible for this upgrade.

What’s new in this upgrade

  • Fixed list index error
  • Turn Summary Screen now has to be closed before proceeding
  • Policy Speeches > new user-interface
  • Barnstorm, Rally > added close button to popup
  • Debate Results Screen > if more than 8 players, can now view all players’ results
  • 2016 > Endorsers > Barack Obama > “former President” -> “President”
  • 2016 > Endorsers > Iowa > added Rep. Steve King, leaning Republicans and decided Ted Cruz
  • 2016 > Nikki Haley > primaries $20 M -> $5 M
  • 2016 > Republicans > Sen. Rick Santorum > off  -> on by default
  • 2016 > Republicans > Sen. Rick Santorum > updated image
  • 2012 > Surrogates > fixed “0” values for three surrogates which caused an error in the Campaign Editor
  • Select Player Screen > party name > no longer extends past blue rectangle
  • Fixed bug where polling cost twice as much as should
  • Fixed error that occurred when you started with every player on in the 2016 campaign

This is a comprehensive update. For your information, you can also see the features originally released in versions 1.8.1 and 1.8.0 (and now included in this update) at 1.8.1 and 1.8.0 .

You can download this release by requesting a download e-mail at the link below.

Important: when you receive the e-mail, you will want to download the file from the “windows president infinity” or “mac president infinity” link.

If for some reason there is no “windows president infinity” or “mac president infinity” link in your e-mail and you are a President Infinity (President Forever 2016) owner, please notify us and we will fix that for you.

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19 thoughts on “President Infinity – Version Amundsen – 1.8.2”

  1. Thanks for this – that’s a pretty interesting graph with the 96th and 113th. I wonder to what extent the push rightward has to do with southern realignment in the Congress. Anecdotally, it seems to me like there has been an increase in organization among the more rightwards aspects of the party base which would affect the primaries, which is the gauntlet Jeb Bush would have to run.

    I’m also wondering to what extent his poll numbers outside of Florida are due to national name recognition from his father and brother.

  2. @Anthony

    I’d say likewise,that rightward shift makes many of the Republican candidates more unelectable. Basically, one of the moderates would have to somehow survive the primaries to have a shot to beat Clinton in 2016.

  3. I think that there should be some sort of limit on how low each of the parties can fall in the polls during the primaries.
    I’ve just finished and won the primaries as Romney in 2016 and my general election % is incredibly low in some states, eg. Iowa 1.4%, Florida 4%, S Carolina, 6.1%, New Hampshire 0.9% and so in a a few others. Clinton is the Democratic nominee.
    I could understand Clinton being up by 30-35 points, but not with me being down below 10%, which is realistically never going to happen.

  4. I think Bloomberg should start on the ballot in every state when playing the General election only. I think it is safe to assume that he would be.

  5. Also, you can’t put Bloomberg on the ballot when playing the General election only — the popup says you must secure your party’s nomination in order to get on the ballot.

  6. First off, thanks for this game–it’s incredible!

    A couple notes:

    1) I can gain campaign points by deleting old ads (e.g. when deleting 4 web ads I ran last turn, I regain 4 command points). It’s led to some odd situations where I suddenly have 10/6 command points! (Not that I take advantage of that, of course… 🙂 )

    2) The 2016 primary schedule seems to run off of 2012’s (Iowa Caucus @ 3 Jan, NH @ 10 Jan, etc.). While some states are still deciding, it appears that several have changed their primary dates: (see links to state laws adjusting dates).


  7. The game is great.

    Quick nitpick: I did have one situation where Hillary Clinton continued to run ads against her primary opponent well into the general election. During the same general election race, she also spent an awful lot of money running ads against Jill Stein. That’s something that should probably be looked at moving forward.

    I also feel that the minor candidates (Gary Johnson, Jill Stein..) garner too much media attention. Clinton and Christie shouldn’t be fighting off broadsides from Jill Stein and Gary Johnson every few weeks.

  8. Hi all,

    I was wondering if I should just buy a new laptop or just wait for them to bring it out for an iPad version? My old laptop is pretty slow.



  9. @Tommy,

    We have no definite plans to release an iPad version at this point, although that would be the next logical OS if we did expand at this point.

    If the game is running slowly, you might want to wait and see if future updates increase the speed. Currently, there is a bottleneck in the graphics that is on the to-do list to speed up.

  10. @Isaac,

    Thanks for the feedback!

    1. Thanks for this – noted, it should be fixed in the next update.

    2. Thanks for the link – the 2016 primaries calendar in the game is still the 2012, because so much is up in the air. Once things start to get clearer, we’ll be updating that.

  11. To remember Mario I think it would be great to add the 1992 scenario with him in the primaries. It would be an awesome tribute.

  12. I’ve noticed that candidates sometimes still release ads attacking candidates who have dropped out of the race.

  13. I also think that, once someone has secured the nomination and picked a VP, other computer candidates should drop out.

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