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Prime Minister Forever – Canada 2011 Development

The next couple weeks, I’ll continue focusing on PM4E Canada 2011. Some of the big things:

1. Candidate editor.

2. Barnstorm multiple ridings.

3. Endorsers give a Ground Ops bonus.

4. Better AI and more advantages for computer players on ‘Hard’, so the computer players are more difficult to beat.

5. If turn parties off, transfer voters in a realistic way (instead of just removing the voters from the game).

I’m aiming for the next release on Friday.


Prime Minister Forever – Canada 2011: Prospective Development

Now that PM4E Canada – 2011 is out, it’s time to look at adding features.

Here are a few I’m looking at right now … Note: these are just things I’m looking at implementing, they may or may not be put into the game.

1. Endorsers.

This involves not only adding endorsers in, but also adding Political Influence Points, which gives the game an extra dimension. That leads to …

2. Minority Government Resolution.

The game has automatic minority government resolution in it right now. Basically, if you’re the Conservatives, the other 3 parties won’t cooperate with you, even if you have the most seats. So, the only way to get a workable majority as the Conservatives if you have a minority of seats is to fall 1 or 2 short, and then work with the Independents.

Once Endorsers and PIPs are added, you can decide to retain PIPs instead of using them on Endorsers, and if no one has a majority of seats, they can be used to sway parties to your side.

3. Candidate Editor.

This will start off very simple, so people can modify the leader attributes without having to modify the XML files.

Those are the major things as it looks right now. Feel free to suggest ideas in the comments.


Prime Minister Forever – Canada 2011 Released!

Prime Minister Forever – Canada 2011 has been released!

More info here.

With the 3 opposition parties voting to defeat the government, Harper goes to the polls. Can he get a majority government? Or will the Liberals stop him, and lead with a coalition government of their own?

We’ll be adding features and updating the game through to the election.

Good gaming!


Prime Minister Forever – Canada 2011: Almost Ready

Quick update on PM4E Canada 2011’s status: it’s almost ready for initial release.

What to expect: an initial release this week. Then, we’ll update the game, adding features and content as the election progresses, probably right up until the election.

Some new features over 2008:

– Completely new game engine.

– Detailed party seat breakdown according to strength of support.

– Timed game: set a per turn timer for hot-seat human players.

– Minority government resolution: will the NDP and Bloc work with a Conservative minority? if not, the Governor-General will award the government to the Liberals.

– Turn parties off: want to see what the election would be like without the Greens, for example (or any other party)? Turn them off, and give the scenario a spin.

– Campaign attributes: leaders have not only personal attributes (Leadership, Experience, and so on), but also campaign attributes (Ads Strength, Spin Strength, Polling Strength, and so on).

– Local scandals: dig up dirt on not just your opponent’s national campaign, but on local candidates as well … and then fan the flames into nation-wide scandal coverage.

– Seat swing info: look at how many seats you’re projected to take compared with the last sitting of Parliament, and which incumbents you’re going to dethrone.

– High-score bonuses: defeat high-profile candidates in ridings, and gain extra high-score bonuses.

– New ads system: target ads to the national, regional, or local levels, and run them accordingly.

– Issue positions expanded from 5 to 7: be the ideologue you always wanted to be.

– and more

More news soon …


Prime Minister Forever – Canada 2011 – First Screenshot

Here is the first screenshot from Prime Minister Forever – Canada 2011:

Here, the numbers used are from the 2008 election results, with a universal shift based on a recent poll, giving the Conservatives 147 seats, plus another 6 where they are tied, for a theoretical total of 153 seats – 2 short of majority.

More news on PM4E Canada 2011 to come.


Friday release: Prime Minister Forever – Australia 2011 Beta v. 1.0.8

Prime Minister Forever – Australia 2011 Beta v. 1.0.8 has been released.

If you pre-ordered (including under the ’2010′ name), you can get the latest Beta here:

Version information here:

If for some reason you are unable to download it, please contact us here:


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