2012 Beta scenario for President Forever 2008 + Primaries released

Hi everyone,

We’ve now released a 2012 scenario for President Forever 2008 + Primaries. We consider the scenario to still be a Beta version, so feedback is welcome.

The following pic shows the state of the 2012 Republican primaries in mid-October (when the scenario starts):

Romney has the lead nationally, and Gingrich is in single-digits nationally in 4th place!

There are 2 ways to get the 2012 scenario for P4E8:

1. Redownload and reinstall P4E8.

2. Download the scenario and install it manually.

or if you’re not an owner of P4E8 then:

3. Get P4E8.

Before going any further:

Q. Does this mean you’re not releasing P4E12?
A. No, this is meant as a way to add value for all the P4E8 owners.

Fire away with any feedback on the 2012 scenario as you see fit here!

Release: Prime Minister Forever – Canada 2011 v. 1.2.9

Prime Minister Forever – Canada 2011 v. 1.2.9 has been released.

It adds the ability to do multiple of a given Leader Activity on a turn, and weakens Bloc support in the Canada 2011 scenario, among other things.

To update:


Version information:


Prime Minister Forever – Canada 2011 Development

The next couple weeks, I’ll continue focusing on PM4E Canada 2011. Some of the big things:

1. Candidate editor.

2. Barnstorm multiple ridings.

3. Endorsers give a Ground Ops bonus.

4. Better AI and more advantages for computer players on ‘Hard’, so the computer players are more difficult to beat.

5. If turn parties off, transfer voters in a realistic way (instead of just removing the voters from the game).

I’m aiming for the next release on Friday.

Prime Minister Forever – Canada 2011: Prospective Development

Now that PM4E Canada – 2011 is out, it’s time to look at adding features.

Here are a few I’m looking at right now … Note: these are just things I’m looking at implementing, they may or may not be put into the game.

1. Endorsers.

This involves not only adding endorsers in, but also adding Political Influence Points, which gives the game an extra dimension. That leads to …

2. Minority Government Resolution.

The game has automatic minority government resolution in it right now. Basically, if you’re the Conservatives, the other 3 parties won’t cooperate with you, even if you have the most seats. So, the only way to get a workable majority as the Conservatives if you have a minority of seats is to fall 1 or 2 short, and then work with the Independents.

Once Endorsers and PIPs are added, you can decide to retain PIPs instead of using them on Endorsers, and if no one has a majority of seats, they can be used to sway parties to your side.

3. Candidate Editor.

This will start off very simple, so people can modify the leader attributes without having to modify the XML files.

Those are the major things as it looks right now. Feel free to suggest ideas in the comments.