Instant-Runoff is an option for campaigns in Prime Minister Infinity.

It allows for a campaign to include instant-runoff (also called ranked choice or preferences).

If a campaign has this option turned on, on the main screen you will see a drop-down box with three options – ‘FPP’, ‘FPP, Instant-Runoff’, and ‘FPP, Instant-Runoff, 2C’.

‘FPP’ stands for ‘First-Past-the-Post’, and shows the first-preference %s (what percentage of voters would mark which candidate as 1st on the ballot) and seats totals if those first-preference %s determined the winner for each constituency (riding, division). These are the numbers for a traditional Westminster-style Parliamentary system.

‘FPP, Instant-Runoff’ applies instant-runoff to seats where a candidate doesn’t have greater than 50%, reallocating votes until a candidate has more than 50%, and then stops reallocating votes once that’s reached in a given seat.

‘FPP, Instant-Runoff, 2C’ applies instant-runoff in every seat until there are only two candidates left in each seat (2C stands for ‘two candidates’). This is close to the typical 2PP numbers often used in Australia (2PP stands for ‘two party preference’, where everything is reduced to the two major parties, Coalition and Labor), but 2C might have some seats where another party or independent is among the top two candidates. There is no difference in seat totals between ‘FPP, Instant-Runoff’ and ‘FPP, Instant-Runoff, 2C’, but there usually are % differences.

In the Editor, the option to turn Instant-Runoff on or off is on the Regions screen and is called ‘Ranked Choice’. If you turn it on, you can edit voter preference flows by then clicking the ‘Flow’ tab.