Palin’s course

This article by Politico’s Andy Barr on Sarah Palin’s PAC’s latest financial report with the FEC contains this interesting line:

“The filing shows no indication that Palin has started to ramp up for a potential presidential run, as no new staff shows up on SarahPAC’s expenses — which remain very low compared to a campaign of even moderate size.”

This supports the theory that Palin does not have presidential ambitions this election cycle. Because of this, I have adjusted the percentage in her ranking (right-side of page) a few percentage points downwards.

1 thought on “Palin’s course”

  1. I agree. Palin doesn’t look like she’s running. It doesn’t fit her personality to be waiting this long. She also hasn’t been fundraising like a Presidential candidate. Sure she hired a Chief of Staff, but that really doesn’t mean much of anything if she isn’t fundraising. My hypothesis is that she will not run for the White House and will instead begin boosting candidates who are running for Congress.

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