Prime Minister Forever – Canada 2011: Almost Ready

Quick update on PM4E Canada 2011’s status: it’s almost ready for initial release.

What to expect: an initial release this week. Then, we’ll update the game, adding features and content as the election progresses, probably right up until the election.

Some new features over 2008:

– Completely new game engine.

– Detailed party seat breakdown according to strength of support.

– Timed game: set a per turn timer for hot-seat human players.

– Minority government resolution: will the NDP and Bloc work with a Conservative minority? if not, the Governor-General will award the government to the Liberals.

– Turn parties off: want to see what the election would be like without the Greens, for example (or any other party)? Turn them off, and give the scenario a spin.

– Campaign attributes: leaders have not only personal attributes (Leadership, Experience, and so on), but also campaign attributes (Ads Strength, Spin Strength, Polling Strength, and so on).

– Local scandals: dig up dirt on not just your opponent’s national campaign, but on local candidates as well … and then fan the flames into nation-wide scandal coverage.

– Seat swing info: look at how many seats you’re projected to take compared with the last sitting of Parliament, and which incumbents you’re going to dethrone.

– High-score bonuses: defeat high-profile candidates in ridings, and gain extra high-score bonuses.

– New ads system: target ads to the national, regional, or local levels, and run them accordingly.

– Issue positions expanded from 5 to 7: be the ideologue you always wanted to be.

– and more

More news soon …

19 thoughts on “Prime Minister Forever – Canada 2011: Almost Ready”

  1. Yes, a lot of these features will be in P4E12. P4E12’s release date hasn’t been set – a minimal Beta should be released in the next few months.

  2. Hey Anthony,

    Is there a new ETA for PM4E 2011? I am starting to get very antsy with excitement and have been waiting patiently since Tuesday lol. I understand that hiccups can occur in computer programming, just thought I’d check in.


  3. Hi Catlin,

    No change. As said on Wednesday, it should be released this week. Right now, I’m fine-tuning the voter conversion model, and then I’ll update save-load. Once these two things are done, it will be released, barring any major problems. My guess is April 16 or 17. Thanks for your patience on this – once it’s released, features and updates for the election will continue to be added.

  4. Anthony:

    One of my few criticisms of the latest game engine is that there always seems to be an unrealistically high number of undecided voters. Is this going to be the case for this game?

  5. Hi Bobby, thanks for the feedback – undecideds in PM4E Canada 2011 start at 20%, and then usually drop significantly as the election gets closer, but the trajectory is based on what happens during the election (high levels of negative campaigning tend to increase undecideds). Once the game is released, your feedback on this is greatly appreciated.

  6. Totally stupid question, and I’m assuming it is, but I haven’t been able to find this info on the site and I’m just making sure – PM4E will be ok for Windows 7 right?

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