Prime Minister Forever – Canada 2011: Prospective Development

Now that PM4E Canada – 2011 is out, it’s time to look at adding features.

Here are a few I’m looking at right now … Note: these are just things I’m looking at implementing, they may or may not be put into the game.

1. Endorsers.

This involves not only adding endorsers in, but also adding Political Influence Points, which gives the game an extra dimension. That leads to …

2. Minority Government Resolution.

The game has automatic minority government resolution in it right now. Basically, if you’re the Conservatives, the other 3 parties won’t cooperate with you, even if you have the most seats. So, the only way to get a workable majority as the Conservatives if you have a minority of seats is to fall 1 or 2 short, and then work with the Independents.

Once Endorsers and PIPs are added, you can decide to retain PIPs instead of using them on Endorsers, and if no one has a majority of seats, they can be used to sway parties to your side.

3. Candidate Editor.

This will start off very simple, so people can modify the leader attributes without having to modify the XML files.

Those are the major things as it looks right now. Feel free to suggest ideas in the comments.

11 thoughts on “Prime Minister Forever – Canada 2011: Prospective Development”

  1. Two things: First thing is as the game stands there doesn’t seem to be a way to check how the individual ridings voted on election night in this game. I tried right clicking on a region like you did in previous incarnations of the game and it only ever seems to show one riding. Can this be added?

    Second thing I would like to see the minority government situation be more complex, I like the idea you outlined here, I’m wondering if there’s more you could do though in addition to that? Maybe have a way to improve party relations during the election and have that influence the resolution? It seems absurd that there’s no way the Tories could get either the Bloc or the NDP on their side if they really tried.

  2. Hi Matt, thanks for the feedback! 1. Yes, click the region the riding is in, then click it again. This will show the first riding, and arrow buttons next and forward under the riding info. Click the arrows to view the next or previous riding in the region.

    2. Party relations should affect the ability to form a workable minority government. I agree: the player should be able to at least in some situation get one of the three other major parties on side.

  3. I get a bug on any region that is white as in a tie when I try and click on it. It says index list out of bounds.

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