2012 Beta scenario for President Forever 2008 + Primaries released

Hi everyone,

We’ve now released a 2012 scenario for President Forever 2008 + Primaries. We consider the scenario to still be a Beta version, so feedback is welcome.

The following pic shows the state of the 2012 Republican primaries in mid-October (when the scenario starts):

Romney has the lead nationally, and Gingrich is in single-digits nationally in 4th place!

There are 2 ways to get the 2012 scenario for P4E8:

1. Redownload and reinstall P4E8.

2. Download the scenario and install it manually.

or if you’re not an owner of P4E8 then:

3. Get P4E8.

Before going any further:

Q. Does this mean you’re not releasing P4E12?
A. No, this is meant as a way to add value for all the P4E8 owners.

Fire away with any feedback on the 2012 scenario as you see fit here!

31 thoughts on “2012 Beta scenario for President Forever 2008 + Primaries released”

  1. Great scenario. David B, I salute you for a valiant effort. Excellent job.

    Here are some reccomendations. I know this can’t be implemented in the current game engine, but I believe would enhance the P4e2012 engine tremendously in comparison to the current engine….

    1.) More realistic approach to winning endorsers: Instead of a point war, I think it should be an activity to meet with endorsers. Basically, court the endorsers and attempt to win them over personally. It would basically be built in a format similar to that of how EA Sports conducts their NCAA Football recruiting. In the recruiting format, you can do the following… either send a representative of your school…call them up on the phone…invite them with you for a visit…meet with them personally at their residence…
    maybe for the P4e2012, you could have a similar format. It would make a much more competitive and funner crusader system
    2.) Add Straw Polls. These are HIGHLY essential to winning the nomination. Throw em in their!
    3.) Better ads. You need to include Internet advertising. That is the only form of advertising I’ve seen so far. I’ve seen Obama and Romney duking it out on the internet for a while.
    4.) Associated PACs. Many of the ads being released currently are not from the actual campaigns, but from associated or supporting PACs. I’d add them as well.
    5.) Kingmakers like Palin, Christie, etc. People who help set up the incumbent.
    6.) Multiple activities in a day. Seriously, a candidate averages about 3 events a day during campaign season. That is way more than what the current engine allows. Lets get real!
    7.) Money bombs. BIG NEED! These would be awesome! Allow candidates to schedule money bombs, advertise for them, then let em occur!

    Those are just some engine improvements I could see. Otherwise, a very good start for the 2012 games.

  2. Oh, I’d also change some of the pictures of the candidates. Romney’s hair is a little bit grayer, Ron Paul’s needs to be alot whiter. Rick Santorum looks too red. Bachmann as well… Herman Cain looks too young…

    don’t get me wrong, these are just some minor tweaks… this is a great game…just gotta update the pictures, that’s all… 😀

  3. Agreed. SuperPACs as well as Straw Polls. That would make it the ultimate gaming experience.

    We know that it would be a little hard to implement, but if you could, I couldn’t imagine a more realistic campaign process.

  4. Again, we realize this is impossible in the current game engine, the straw polls and superpacs. We just hope to see this in the 2012 engine.
    I think Elliot and I both agree that this is a great start!

    By the way, regarding the 2012 game engine, I noticed that in the 2012beta test that even when I won both Iowa and New Hampshire, I wouldn’t benefit alot nationally. Look at Huckabee for example in 2008. He did so well cause he shocked the world in Iowa.
    Maybe you could create 2 things for the 2012 game engine…
    1.) Interest in Your Candidate (make a meter rating the interest as either positive or negative)
    2.) Have the Interest meter affect polling nationwide.

    I often times had gigantic momentum up to 20 points heading into a primary. BUt I’d lose. I think that interest and momentum should be considered way more in the election outcomes.

    Again, just improvements for the 2012 engine. 😀

  5. I have tried multiple times to download this scenario, but it does not seem to work for me. I don’t know why. I paid for this game, I know I should have access to the beta, but I don’t know why my computer wont put up the scenario. Once I download the scenario I follow the instructions then go to my P4E08 and the scenario does not exist. Can someone please help me?

  6. poltical mastermind…

    First, download the scenario. then copy it. go to your computer and open up program files. then find presidents forever 2008 files. Open up the scenarios page and then paste!

  7. I did that as I explained in my post, and the scenario does not show on P4E08. I’ve done this many times, but for some reason it won’t work.

  8. @Political mastermind,

    1. Are you able to download other scenarios and install them?

    2. Can you tell me which operating system (Windows xp, Vista, 7, and so on) you are using?

  9. @PollWonk,

    “Maybe you could create 2 things for the 2012 game engine…
    1.) Interest in Your Candidate (make a meter rating the interest as either positive or negative)
    2.) Have the Interest meter affect polling nationwide. ”

    Can you say a little more about the ‘Interest’ concept – what is it meant to represent?

  10. I have downloaded many scenarios before. I am running on window 7 starter. I found it odd, because this has never occurred to me before.

  11. @Political mastermind,

    Can you be a little more specific about the steps you are taking to install the 2012 scenario, and exactly what happens when you try to play it?

  12. Yes. Sorry I had a lot going on before. I usually will run the program, and then will copy the scenario. I then will open program files, and look for P4E8 and goto scenarios, and then right click in an empty space and hit paste. It shows that it copied into the scenario folder. Once I run P4E8 I look for the scenario, and it does not exist. Now I created my own scenario, but It asks me if I want to replace that folder, and I say no. Yet, it still shows no scenario.

  13. @Political mastermind, when you say “I usually will run the program,” what are you referring to?

  14. When you click on the scenario to download it asks to run or save the program. I usually will run it.

  15. @Political mastermind,

    Can you do the following?:

    0. Close President Forever 2008 + Primaries.

    1. Click on the scenario to download.

    2. Click ‘Save’.

    3. Once it has saved, opened the saved zip file.

    4. Copy the folder inside the zip file.

    5. Go to your President Forever 2008 + Primaries > Scenarios folder. Paste the 2012 folder.

    6. Verify that it shows up as a folder. Double-click on the 2012 folder, and verify the scenario contents are there (a bunch of files in the 2012 folder).

    7. Run President Forever 2008 + Primaries. Click the button to change scenarios. See if the 2012 scenario is somewhere in the list.

  16. @Anthony_ 270 Admin “Can you say a little more about the ‘Interest’ concept – what is it meant to represent?”

    It represents national attention. I ran as Rick Santorum and John Huntsman in the 2012 Beta test and had momentum levels of +15. I ended up with a poor score. Again this is the 2008 game engine so I understand that it is impossible to change right now.

    If you note how fast Gingrich has risen, its because of how many people became interested in his views. That interest also happened for Cain and for Perry. Cain was widely unknown, but shot to the top because of how interested people were. He also sank because of how interested people were in his private life.

    The effects of public interest is significant. Cain rose fast in only 2 weeks because of interest in his 999 plan. He sank in 4 weeks because of the sex assault and affair charges. Gingrich’s attention level spiked dramatically and now he’s in the top tier.

    That’s why there should be an interest meter. Basically, on one side there would be good interest and on the other side there would be bad interest. If there is alot of positive interest in your leadership, then your place on the meter goes up. But if for example your integrity is terrible, then your place on the meter goes down. You basically balance out interest in the issues and apply it to interest.

    You could also make it customizable. Have interest meters for states and for other sectors such as right wingers, left wingers, and centrists.

  17. Every step that you included works for me except with pasting it into my scenario folder. It tell me that I need permission from the adminstrator. I checked my account and it claims that I am the adminstrator. I don’t understand.

  18. @Political mastermind,

    Try re-downloading and installing the game to a different folder. At the point in the installation process where it asks which folder, replace ‘President Forever 2008 + Primaries’ with ‘President Forever 2008 and 2012’ or something similar. You can then uninstall the original President Forever 2008 + Primaries so you don’t have multiple copies.

  19. Have enjoyed most of the games on my old PC, but now that I have switched to Mac I wish they were available for that platform. Any chance of that happening?

  20. Hi Hreinn,

    Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, we currently don’t have plans to create a Mac version of our games. Please note that you can run them using Bootcamp or Leopard (and a copy of Windows) for Macs.

  21. Hi Martyn,

    Because it takes time and effort to convert a game to the Mac. For President Forever 2012 (forthcoming), once it is published for Windows we will look at the possibility of a Mac version, but we currently don’t have plans to create a Mac version of our games.

    Please note that you can run them using Bootcamp or Leopard (and a copy of Windows) for Macs.

  22. When using the 08 scenario it is a winner takes all format if going as a Republican. The Dems have the proportional format.

    It doesn’t appear that the 2012 scenario has updated the GOP to having a proportional format. Can this be done? Thanks.

  23. Hi Josh,

    Thanks for the feedback! Some of the 2012 primaries on the Republican side have PR, others are FPP. If there are any in particular you think the game scenario has wrong, please let me know.

  24. It just seems that when I go through, there is very few proportional. For example, I go through Iowa. Two generally get any delegates if that…

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