President Forever 2012 – First Screenshots

President Forever 2012, the sequel to President Forever 2008 + Primaries, is nearing initial Beta release.

In the lead up to that, we’ll be releasing some screenshots focusing on some new and different features from President Forever 2008 + Primaries.

Here’s how things look at the start of the general election in P4E12 on Sep. 7th, playing as Mitt Romney:

One difference that’s obvious is that projected Electoral College support for the two parties is arranged left-to-right (Dems on left, Reps on right), and is broken down into levels of support. You can see, in this particular case, that although the Dems have more Electoral Votes (E.V.s) than Reps (296 to 209, with 33 too close to call), their support is soft, with 129 of those in the weakest level of support, while only 28 Rep E.V.s are in the corresponding category.

One new feature is Electoral Vote Swing Info:

Here, you can see which states the respective parties are projected to pick up relative to the previous election, and which ones are too close to call that might change hands (with the party that is technically leading in brackets). This feature also includes the swing in (normalized) E.V.s (not displayed in the above screenshot). So, for the above screenshot, Reps are +29 projected E.V.s from the previous election, and Dems are -62 E.V.s., and this is shown in the same box as the projected swing states. The plus-minus numbers are ‘normalized’, in that state-by-state Electoral Vote distribution may have changed, and so the numbers are normalized to the current election’s state-by-state E.V.s.

This is the start … much more to come!

33 thoughts on “President Forever 2012 – First Screenshots”

  1. Hi Robert,

    You can sign up to notified when the Beta is released, here (right-hand side, ‘Sign-up to be notified of new titles and releases’):

    At that point, people who want to Beta test can pre-order, which includes the Beta.

  2. One thing that would be cool is to see, during the primaries, how different candidates stack up against the other nominee. It might be a complicated code, but it would be interesting during the primary (instead of only seeing the candidate at the top).

    And also, the progression from the primary to the general election won’t be off like it was in P4E2008? When a lower tier candidate made it to the first turn, it would automatically lose 20 points from what the general election looked like during the primaries.

  3. Hi Rich,

    Thanks for the feedback!

    A popular vote option might be added. We’ll see.

    The idea of seeing how nominees stack up against each other is noted.

    For what happened in P4E8 with lower tier candidates taking percentage points away from the nominee in the general, no, that shouldn’t happen. If it does, it can be easily fixed.

  4. Hi Elliot,

    Yes! People who pre-ordered are automatically signed up for the Beta, and will be the first to get it.

  5. Hi Rich,

    From the player’s perspective, turnout is affected by Footsoldiers x Organizational Strength x Momentum.

    Organizational Strength is new in P4E12, and is state-by-state. So, your campaign might have a weak OrgStrength in one state, and a strong one in another. It is multiplicative of Footsoldiers, takes significant time to build, and money to maintain.

  6. Hi Craig,

    Do you mean update as in game release, or update as in more info?

    Game release: no official estimate as of yet.

    More info: probably in a few days.

  7. Im sure this has been noted before, I think VP candidates should have issue profiles. Say Romney would probably need to pick someone more conservative, Bachmann and Santorum would need a more moderate vp candidate. Also it would be great if a VP candidate not only had an impact on his/her own state but neighboring states and states with similar characteristics. Susana Martinez would help with voters in Colorado and Arizona as well as NM. She could also help with Hispanic voters in Texas and Florida (same for Rubio, he would help with Hispanics in Texas, NM, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada)

    Another thing I found strange both in the 2008 game and the P4E12 Beta release is that Romney’s charisma is at 4. While he may not be as square as many make him out to be, his level of charisma and the level at which he inspires people is no where near Palin/Obama/Clinton. I would place him at 3.

  8. Hi Reuben,

    Thanks for the feedback. Ideas noted re: VPs.

    For Romney’s Charisma, it’s tricky. If I could, I would give him a 3.5. To give him a 3 would be to say he has ‘average’ Charisma for a politician at that level. It seems to me he’s above average.

  9. Hi,

    I really think there needs to be an iPad app for this. I’m a big fan of the game and have an iPad now. I’m on my iPad more now than my computer. Hopefully you can release some version on iPad or iPhone.



  10. @Tommy,

    Thanks for the feedback. First, the Windows version is being focused on. Once that’s done, a Mac version might be done. Once that’s done, an iPad version might be done.

  11. Hi Anthony,

    What’s the scoop with a Mac version and iPad version? Sorry to keep bothering you with this.



  12. @Tommy,

    The Mac version is available to people who backed the Kickstarter campaign, and soon it will be available outside of that.

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