President Forever 2012 – More Screenshots – Campaign Strengths and Corruption

These screenshots show the attributes system in P4E12. Here’s what the leader attributes look like in P4E12:

The attributes are similar to P4E8. Leadership, Experience, Issue Familiarity, Integrity, Charisma, Stamina, and Debating.

The difference comes with the campaign attributes:

There is Command Strength, Strategic Strength, Ads Strength, Spin Strength, and so on. Players start off with different levels, and the player can then increase the campaign strength in a particular area, allocating Command Points (CPs) and money to do so. In the above, Romney is increasing his Ads Strength from 3 to 4, allocating 3 CPs a turn.

Higher Command Strength = more CPs and the ability to create higher regional Organizational Strengths (something else that’s new in P4E12), higher Strategic Strength helps with Targeting states (another new thing in P4E12), Ads Strength helps with creating more powerful ads more quickly, and so on.

Also noticeable on the screen is the Corruption attribute. While Integrity has to do with the candidate’s personal and own campaign integrity, Corruption has to do with the surrounding political context for the leader (such as their administration). Higher corruption means it is easier to research scandals on that player.

More to come!

6 thoughts on “President Forever 2012 – More Screenshots – Campaign Strengths and Corruption”

  1. Will the 2012 election game also have the scenarios from 2008 and other past elections? Also, will the 2012 election game be able to download other scenarios that were compatible with the 2008 presidential election game?

  2. Hi Al,

    P4E12 uses a different game engine from P4E8, so P4E8 scenarios will not be playable in P4E12.

    We might make various historical or future scenarios for P4E12, including porting (and modifying) the ones in P4E8. This decision has not been made yet.

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