17 thoughts on “Release: President Forever 2012 Alpha v. 1.0.4”

  1. Great updates! Not to beat a dead horse but it would be convenient if we could create a list of targeted regions for ads that is independent of the existing targeting function in the game.

    For instance, I may want to run ads in all the swing states but have not managed through the limitation of CPs to target said swing states… yet. With the new “add all” function, I can now add all regions and then de-select the non-swing states, but that’s still rather time consuming.

    And just throwing an idea out there… in a real world campaign (and I’ve worked on many), targeting is an immediate thing. The only extent to which targeting would be limited is the amount of financial resources available to deploy in a given region at a given point in time.

    That said, I’ve been a big fan of this game going back to ’05 or ’06 and I understand the importance of artificial limitations to maintain the integrity of the simulation.

  2. Looks great, so far, but shouldn’t Romney’s have a much lower level for charisma, considering how awkward he is at rally’s.

  3. What is the preference voting file? It doesn’t contain anything but it’s there, is that an upcoming feature?

  4. @PM,

    As far as I see it, Romney’s either a 3 or a 4. I would like to give him a 3.5.


    Thanks – sounds like a bug, noted.


    Preference voting file is from the Australian version. It isn’t used in P4E12.

  5. @Andy re: targeting,

    Noted. It might make more sense to make targeting more immediate, we’ll see.

  6. @Matt re: popular voting option,

    It’s not high on the list right now, but request noted.

  7. I may be partisan, but the introduction to the default scenario seems odd to me. How is the Republican Party “strengthened”? The current GOP primary seems like a clown show. While, sure, the Republicans are united in defeating the President, they aren’t exactly very strong, but more like in disarray. I also have an issue with the scenario calling Obama a “weak incumbent”. A weak incumbent would be someone like Carter or H.W. Bush, not Obama.

    Just giving my two cents.

  8. the vp seems like he cant regenerate energy, and if someone takes any issue and makes it a focus, can any of them move into the positive.

  9. @PM, new version probably tomorrow (Sat.).

    @Feras, the introduction to the scenario will be revised. Feedback noted.

    @Chris, thanks for this – bug with VP not being able to regenerate energy is fixed and will be in next version.

    Can you say a little more about what you mean by someone taking an issue and making it a focus, them moving into the positive? I don’t understand exactly what you’re saying here.

    Not also sure what you mean about targeted states?

  10. Obama is a weak incumbent, his approval rating is 41%. Please do not change the introduction to tilt to the left because the person above thinks in a partisan way.

  11. The Republican Party strengthened compared to 2008 and Obama is weak. He is in a similar position that George H.W. Bush was in 1992.

  12. Not really. He is in a similar position as Reagan where unemployment has dropped quite a bit from its high and is now going in the right direction.

    Both H.W. Bush and Carter were both being decimated by their respective challengers from the other party at this time in their races; Obama is up on Romney by 5, and up 9 on Santorum, according to the latest RCP average.


    I have no doubt the general election will be much tighter than 2008, but that is par for the course for an incumbent president. He is by no means a strong incumbent and is very vulnerable, but he isn’t weak either.

  13. @Matt, I didn’t mean to suggest we would change it because of the comment. We will be reviewing it, however, and it will probably change.

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