27 thoughts on “Release: President Forever 2012 Alpha v. 1.0.6”

  1. Thank you for adding the VEEP picture’s and the turns next to states. The crusade option is awesome as well!

    Here’s a few suggestions/questions:

    1. John Sununu for Mitt and Robert Gibbs for Obama, seem like odd choices for top surrogates?

    2. For Rallys, sometimes there are less than 100 people attending. If that should happen, maybe it should create negative momentum and a news headline mocking their support?

    3. Gas prices should be added as an issue.

    4. Choose where to have your campaign headquarters, add ground org to that state.

  2. Thanks for the feedback!

    1. Those were just ones I could think of off-hand. They may or may not stay. Gibbs probably shouldn’t be considered a surrogate, as he’s a paid advisor, I believe.

    2. Ya, this is something I’ve considered. Might happen. Thanks for this.

    3. Noted.

    4. Ya, or alternately candidates might be able to start with a list of regional org. strengths and footsoldiers. In this case, a scenario designer can decide to give a candidate more org. strength or footsoldiers in their homestate, in addition to whatever other regions.

  3. Great updates! I don’t quite understand the surrogate function. When I click on the barnstorming button it opens the Campaign Surrogate window. What am I doing wrong?

    I think Sununu makes sense as a surrogate for Romney. McCain would be a good surrogate as well. Bill Clinton or Debbie Wasserman-Schultz might be good for Obama.

  4. Hi Andy,

    When you click Barnstorming for a surrogate, it toggles whether that surrogate is barnstorming or not, and then returns you to the surrogates screen. The surrogate screen then shows what the status is for that surrogate. I will look at making this more clear.

    Surrogate suggestions noted.

  5. I would really like to see favorable/negative stats for each candidate. When running ads, the only thing to really guide you is what issue is most popular, and when it comes to running a positive or negative ad, you really just pick one based on no data. I think having state or each candidate can really add a dynamic to the game and provide a better basis on what type of ads to run. Thank you.

  6. I like the Surrogate option, too. It looks like you can only have one at a time (not sure if this is on purpose or not). When I created a second, it replaced my first.

  7. @Dems2012, I’m not able to recreate this. Do you mean created a Surrogate, or when they have been created and are listed in the box below on the Campaign Surrogates screen?

    @Daniel, the idea with positive or negative ads in the game right now is that they create positive or negative momentum. Positive momentum is required to attract voters to you, negative momentum to dislodge them from an opponent. So, if there are no undecideds, you have to run attack ads to be effective. Can you say a little more about favorability stats and ads?

  8. When you get to adding scenarios of past elections, will it be possible to make the old conventions resemble the old conventions. For instance, it sometimes took multiple ballot processes to select a nominee. Additionally, one would vote for the VP.

    Also, a compromise candidate for president might be chosen if the convention is deadlocked. It could be one of the other people who had been running for office, or someone who wasn’t in the running to begin with. There were even rumors about that happening this year for the Republicans about a month ago.

    James K Polk, James Garfield, John W Davis (who lost), Warren G Harding, just to name a few.

    In the 2008 version, it would eliminate everyone but the top 2 delegate winners, the losing candidates delegates would choose one of these two candidates. I don’t even know if this is the process today. I think with the Republicans a candidate has to have won a certain amount of states (5, I think) to carry the battle into the convention. Not sure what it is for the Democrats.

  9. I agree with Jonathan above, and one thing that is constantly overlooked in the media is that if a candidate doesn’t win more than 5 states they cannot qualify for the ballot at the convention (Plurality of delegates). Rule No. 40 (B). So that should be added to the game.

    Also for the timing of the game, I saw somewhere mentioned about going day to day in the primary instead of the weeks.

    Something can look like this for the options when choosing a scenario.

    Short game: Primaries and the general in weeks
    Regular game: Primaries in weeks and the general in days
    Long game: Primaries and the general in days

  10. @Jonathan re: conventions, maybe. That decision will occur once more of the basic gameplay is down. The 5 state requirement should be straightforward to code, and is noted.

    @Rz9392 re: days per turn, that’s a good idea. The thing is that it will take a significant amount of work to get it so the primaries can be played both on a one day per turn basis and a one week per turn basis. We’ll see how things go as development proceeds.

  11. Would it be possible to update the layout of the headlines. They are very outdated looking. Maybe, add photos, or add some sort of visual. Considering how much media plays in elections today, I think it is only necessary. Lastly, when I used Michelle Obama as a surrogate she would stop after one barnstorming. Meanwhile it says she had unlimited points. I think there is a bug.

  12. I really love this game, and want to see more options to make it even more realistic as it already is and a few things i want to see return from the older version.
    1. It seems like it is hard to push an issue to more importance than the old game. All of the issues just slowly fall with importance.
    2. there are more than just spies in a campaign, there are triksters, heckelers, etc. These dirty men help create the “mukaka moment”, slash bus tires on campaign days, and stuff ballot boxes. They can help and hurt a campaign.
    3.I think there needs to be more forms of media then just tv, radio, and newspaper.
    4. as president, senator, rep, or any other form of elected official, u have to support or oppose bills and issues. I would like to see, only a few, choices the candidate must make during the campaign.(exp. support gulf war 2, the surge, etc)
    5. also as an elected official, you get to “live off the land” that is, make speeches from the senate or house floor, use the executive mansion as a gov of state, or even the oval office.
    6. I dont like the odds of a policy speech being negative or positive. All speeches are regional and usually just make regional news, unless aimed at the nation, a slow news day, or the candidate makes a gaffe. I miss picking which states to make them in to help or hurt. I also miss having an insight on speeches.
    7. sometimes you want to campaign with a local politician or they want you to help boost them. Those opportunities need to pop up and be available.
    8. how much your party helps you and you help them is an interesting dynamic that both helps and hurts you. senators and house members will distance themselves from the president or candidate which hurts you, or you may need their help in a specific state. Same with the local establishments
    9. how close you are to the press helps too. Romney is suffering form a poor relationship with the press, it is hurting his campaign.
    10. You need the option of developing election lawyers. They work in every campaign and help read the rules of the party and laws to get more delegates, and votes.
    11. Final item. Put as many campaigns as you can on the next game, the last game was awesome and i loved the historic elections.

    I have asked for a lot above and if even one eventually fell into the game, that would be awesome.


  13. Question – Obama and Biden are still campaigning in their home states. is that a bug or something that’s being kept for now as you develop the game engine?

    Plus, I notice Romney still has oodles of money left over (when he doesn’t take public financing) and has $66 million even if I run 4 nationwide ads worth $2.5 million each …

  14. One more idea – multiple state polls. Get rid of the “fog” option – just let people have personal polling, then for public polling, have multiple polls. Real life candidates have to live with multiple polls and figure out what most corresponds with reality.

    Some time ago, I was wondering if a multiple choice debate option was on the table…is it? Just curious.

    Lastly, adding states to your targeted list was easier…now I have to do it for each ad and it’s kinda tedious. Any suggestions on how to make that go faster if there is a short cut in the game that I’m missing? 🙂

    Otherwise, very nice amped up game 🙂

  15. @PM,

    1. Headlines feedback noted – we’ll see.
    2. For surrogates, the way they now work is manual, so for her to barnstorm you need to set where and then click her barnstorm icon each turn.

  16. @Chris Simons,

    Thanks for the feedback! It’s noted, in specific,

    1. This might be a bug. I’ve noted it.
    2. Having a ‘stuff ballot box’ button would be interesting … To an extent, some of these things would be covered by local Org. Strength and Footsoldiers. One thing I could see adding to gameplay is the idea of assigning operatives to follow an opponent on the campaign trail. They could decrease the effectiveness of an opponent’s barnstorming, increase the chance he makes a gaffe, and so on. We’ll see.
    3. The latest version (1.0.7) adds web ads, and there should be more fine-tuned functionality for those added later. Another possible one is direct mail – again, it needs some unique coding because it doesn’t work like television or radio advertising.
    5. Yes. Incumbents might have special activities added, in particular.
    8. Ya, in some cases these almost act as ‘anti-endorsements’, where a politician won’t endorse their party’s candidate. Noted.
    10. Election lawyers could affect recounts.

  17. @GOPGipper43,

    Campaigning in their home states is because the computer player AI is not completed yet.

    It’s the same reason for computer players having lots of money left over near the end of an election.

  18. @GOPGipper43 #2,

    Thanks for this feedback!

    I see a couple problems with a multiple choice debate mechanism. a) I can’t think of way to make this simple, realistic, and have it add to gameplay in an interesting way, and b) it changes the focus of the game, from a higher-level, strategic, campaign manager or campaign strategist level to the level of the candidate. Having said that, making choices before the debate on what to focus on, who to target, and so on, might work.

    To add targeted states to an ad, you select the ad at the national level, then click the ‘add targeted’ button on the bottom of the strategic screen that appears when you click the ‘run’ button for an ad. Does this make sense, or are you asking something else?

  19. When is the primaries going to be enabled and what’s the process to test it out leading up to the full release?

  20. I think web ads should be used to promote fundraising rather than another type of ad. That’s what they’re used for, they have very little impact on swaying public opinion.

  21. to anthony_270admin.

    Thanks for responding directly to my comments, I know that my voice has been heard. As for Lawyers, we do a lot more than recounts when it comes to campaigns, but of course me mentioning adding them in maybe reflecting more of what i do for a living than what makes a great game.

    Chris Simons, Attorney-at-law, Missouri, Oklahoma

  22. @Rz9392,

    Primaries will be enabled once they are playable – I don’t know when that will be.

    Feedback re: web ads noted.

  23. @Chris,

    I meant election lawyers are involved in recounts in addition the aspects you were mentioning – recounts is probably the most visible or talked about aspect due to what happened in 2000. There are some interesting possibilities involved with these aspects, we’ll see – thanks again.

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