17 thoughts on “Release: President Forever 2012 Alpha v. 1.0.7”

  1. The primaries icon on the opening page of the scenario looks awkward and out of place, is it just a placeholder until the primaries are implemented?

  2. Hi Anthony,

    Thanks for the feedback – ya, it looks a little awkward compared to the rest of the icons. It was just what I had at hand when implementing the button – feedback noted.

  3. the web ads seem to be just a little too powerful for their price, i just won on hard getting 508 delegates, accepting gov funds. the web ads overload the other campaign

  4. When will we start testing out the primaries? The general election looks pretty down pat unless there’s any additional features that have to be added.

  5. @Rz9392, I don’t know – my guess is a couple weeks, but it could be a couple days. It depends on what sorts of bugs are encountered.

  6. Will the primaries button mentioned above stay once the Alpha is complete or is it now a option to skip the primaries?

    And can we expect any new features in the next version or will anything new be added once the primaries are complete?

  7. 1. There will be an option to play primaries or not.

    2. Might be some minor additions in the next version. Yes, features will continue to be added once the primaries are complete.

  8. Instead of having negative ads = take support from opponent and make them undecided. I think the formula should involve depressing turnout instead of them switching support. Take them out of the pool and lower turnout overall.

  9. In response – sorry for taking so long – from the V.06 thread

    You said :

    1. I see a couple problems with a multiple choice debate mechanism. a) I can’t think of way to make this simple, realistic, and have it add to gameplay in an interesting way, and b) it changes the focus of the game, from a higher-level, strategic, campaign manager or campaign strategist level to the level of the candidate. Having said that, making choices before the debate on what to focus on, who to target, and so on, might work.

    2. To add targeted states to an ad, you select the ad at the national level, then click the ‘add targeted’ button on the bottom of the strategic screen that appears when you click the ‘run’ button for an ad. Does this make sense, or are you asking something else?
    My response – 1. I think that would be very cool. Do you want to be aggressive? Or passive? Friendly? Or do you want to be snide? What issues do you want to focus on the most? One major problem I’ve had is that debates are too weak in this campaign. A campaign losing 3 debates in a row should be 60-70% chances of losing the election. Bush went from a 51-43% lead (or something like that?) to 51-48% on Election Night because of how well Kerry did. So I think debates should be remodeled and made stronger. Allow people to tweak the debates more.

    2. I kinda got that. But the old way you did ads and all – that was much better. That part of PF 2008 should have been kept. It was much easier to set up a list of targeted states and then run ads in them. You could keep the CP it takes to target a state and then add a handy button to add targeted states. I don’t think it’s worth this new process (IMO) to go through to add ads.

  10. @GopGipper43

    There is a targeted list though. To target a specific state, click on the state then hit the eye icon. Then when choosing which states to run the ads click the eye icon and it will list all the targeted states and you can click the run all button.

  11. @Rz9392,

    Yes, if there are favorability ratings (discussed on another thread) it would be fairly straightforward to say that if no candidate has a rating above x for a voter, then that voter doesn’t vote (becomes alienated).


    Feedback on debates noted – thanks.

    For the targeted, I’m not sure exactly what you’re saying. Are you saying having to target a state with a CP (and up to several turns) is unwieldy (even with the ‘Add all targeted’ button for ads)? Or is it that the ‘Add all targeted’ button isn’t obvious?


    Currently enabling primaries, which is a big step. I’m guessing either the end of this week or next week the next version will be released.

  12. Santorum suspended his campaign instead of ending it so his delegates don’t get released. I think this is important to include in the game because the option between suspending and ending your campaign can decide whether another candidate should stay in the campaign.

    I played multiple games where I was far behind in the delegate count but relied on other endorsements which added to my count and propelled me to winning the nomination. If the relationship between campaigns is bad, then the suspending option can come in.

  13. @Jonathan,

    Probably end of this week. Primaries is a big step, and requires a lot of changes.

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