First President Forever 2012 Primaries Screenshot

The next version of President Forever 2012 Alpha will be released soon, probably at the end of this week. The big new feature will be primaries.

Here is a screenshot of the 2012 primaries as it stands right now:

The primaries start on December 5th. The blue is Gingrich – who held a dominating lead across most of the country. It is easy to look back now and think Romney was ‘ordained’, but less than one month before the Iowa caucuses things did not look that way. Santorum, meanwhile, had virtually no traction – even in Iowa he was at just 7% or so.

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  1. Thanks for the feedback! The ‘light blue’ should have just read ‘blue’ – I’ve modified the post. Romney is yellow, Gingrich blue. Hope that makes more sense.

  2. Ok got it.

    Is there anywhere you can track how many delegates you have instead of a projection?

    And for the general election tracking poll i’m guessing it’s going to track between whichever Republican is leading the primaries?

  3. Probably will add a way to switch from projected to confirmed delegates on the Main Screen.

    Currently, general election polling during primaries is just a sum of the primary candidates. I’ll look at this again later on.

  4. There was no way to start the scenario a bit earlier, huh? And give Cain, say, a 75% chance of dropping out on December 5th?

    Or would it be too hard to work in some of those momentum changes that kept happening?

  5. @Hagrid,

    It was selected mostly to keep things simple to begin with, and because those 4 candidates have defined the primaries since at least when the voting started. Changes will probably come later, but … a way to cause candidates to drop out is a good idea. We’ll see.

  6. Instead of condensing the vote totals when someone drops out, can you keep the results up and just redistribute the delegates if the person who dropped out won any? It’s not realistic for any minor candidate to be added onto someone else’s totals.

  7. @Nick,

    Primaries will be different from P4E8. Already there are things like Campaign Attributes (which can be increased during the primaries – things like Command Strength or Spin Strength, say) and local Organizational Strength (similarly). Turn length will probably be 1 day instead of 7 (this will be game tested, however). More changes will probably be introduced after the initial primary Alpha version.

  8. I created a 2012 Election in my 2008 version of this great game. Actually, I just modified someone else’s version. I also created a bunch of what-if candidates. My favorite what-if scenario is having all 25 of my Republican possibilities run for president. I then have Clinton run against Obama. Then I have two 3rd parties – one with Bernie Sanders and another with Michael Bloomberg.

    Generally, Ron Paul gets the Republican nomination, I assume because the Ron Paul voters always seem to average about 7%-10% and with 24 other Republicans in the race, none of them can get that %. So he wins because the pool is too large. However, this fragments the vote so much that Obama has 50% of the vote locked up by the General Election. Paul only has 15%. The third parties have about 5% each. That leaves 25% undecided in August/September.

    Most of the time Paul gets only 20%, Obama 60%; Sanders 5%; Bloomberg 15%. Obama wins all the electoral votes.

    It’s pretty funny. I’m excited about the new release! Then I can stop playing my insane version of 2012.

  9. I was actually reading a news story that mentioned a Democratic Super PAC/Opposition research group. Is it possible to make things so that if you win the groups endorsement, you get as a reward a certain number of scandals against your opponent?

  10. If the primary ends around april or may in the game, won’t that leave a lot of time inbetween the nomination convention in August. I think you should open the general election once there is only one candidate left in each party. Otherwise, besides raising money, what can you do since cross party attack ads don’t work during the primary.

    And is the primaries coming out anytime soon?

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