Release: President Forever 2012 v. 1.1.0

President Forever 2012 Alpha v. 1.1.0 has been released.

It fixes the Republican Convention results, adds U.S. protectorates or territories involved in the primaries, makes some modifications to game play, fixes some bugs, changes how completed primary delegate counts are displayed, and more.

Note: computer player AI is not complete. This results in computer players not focusing on the optimal states, and so on.

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  1. Anthony,

    There are still some issues with polling numbers. I am playing a one-on-one primary race against Gingrich and despite absolutely carpet bombing him with negative ads, he always manages to win South Carolina. And that is even with editing the editor and giving the positive Romney ads some power of 1,000.

    While Gingrich’s numbers drop due to the negative ads, I’ve had a few situations where Romney is at 39% or so in South Carolina and Gingrich is down at 5% yet he manages to win the state.

    I’ve also noticed that even with all the power of the positive Romney ads, there seems to be a maximum number that his poll numbers get at. For example, in Iowa against Gingrich, despite his numbers dropping due to carpet bombing of negative ads and lots of positive Romney ads, Romney never got above or below 39.1% — but the number next to it said something along the lines of +18, but I don’t think that +18 number is included in the 39.1% number.

    All of it is very confusing and leads to unexpected primary results, even with getting the +/- poll numbers on a daily basis.

  2. @Feras,

    Thanks for this – I’ll look into it.

    A couple questions:

    Can you tell me what the undecideds are in states where Gingrich bounces back on the primary day?

    For the +18, is that a momentum number or a change in percentages number?

  3. As I add more attack ads against Gingrich and his numbers fall, the undecideds rise. When I was at 39.1% max with Romney and Gingrich was down at 6%, the undecideds were at 50-55%, which makes sense. But realistically, with the massive amount of ads I put out attacking Gingrich, I wouldn’t expect him to come out the winner, especially if there was a 30point gap between the two of them in the daily state polls.

    The +18 number, I’m pretty sure, is how much the poll numbers increased for Romney. But if it was at +18 or +10, his poll numbers never got below or above 39.1% even as I added a bunch more positive Romney ads. I’m pretty sure that number means how much percentage points he has increased from his original default numbers, but I’m not positive about that — that is the number that appears to the right of percentage polling numbers on the bottom right of the screen, by the way.

    It seems me that there is a correlation problem between the polling numbers given and the actual final results.

    I’d like to see others jump in on this and give their take on this as I’m sure it’s not just me.

  4. There’s a problem with Newt Gingrich and Mitt being too strong.

    I played as Ron Paul, focused on Iowa and on caucus day was polling 15 points ahead and in the lead. Newt won.

    So I decided to skip right to Washington (2 months away) started a new ad everyday and did ground ops and everything else. On the day of the primary I had 55 ads running an no one else campaigned or put money into the state. I came in third with 19 percent.

  5. It seems that a negative ads takes away support but when it comes time to vote that support goes back to the original candidate.

  6. Gingrich is strong. I’ll show you an example.

    I’m “playing” as Gingrich right now.
    I’m not campaigning in anyway.
    Gingrich will not leave his state.

    – Gingrich just won Iowa with 41.5% (Romney 26%, Paul 23%, Santorum 9.5%).
    – Gingrich also wins South Carolina (52%)
    – Gingrich wins Florida (46.5%)
    – Gingrich wins Colorado (45.5%)
    – Gingrich wins Minnesota (45%)
    – Gingrich wins Maine (56%)
    – Gingrich wins Arizona (40.5%)
    – Gingrich wins Georgia (60%)
    – Gingrich wins Ohio (40.5%)
    – Gingrich wins Oklahoma (49.5%)
    – Gingrich wins Tennessee (47%)
    – Gingrich wins Texas (49.5%)
    – Gingrich wins Vermont (45%)

    **Romney surpasses Gingrich in the polls as of Super Tuesday (March 6). Gingrich at 670 delegates, Romney at 245, Paul 17, Santorum 5.

    – Gingrich wins Kansas (43.5%)
    – Gingrich wins Virgin Islands (43%)
    – Gingrich wins Alabama (39%)

    **Gingrich regains lead in the polls on March 13

    – Gingrich wins Mississippi (47.5%)
    – Gingrich wins Missouri (50%)
    – Gingrich wins Louisiana (39%)
    – Gingrich wins New York (43%)
    – Gingrich wins North Carolina (44%)
    – Gingrich wins Arkansas (40%)
    – Gingrich wins Kentucky (43%)

    ** Total delegates at convention Gingrich 1158 (3 short!), Romney 1069, Paul 36, Santorum 23.
    ** Kelly Ayotte as VP
    ** At general election: Obama is predicted to win 323-199.

    **Obama wins the election. Gingrich does well despite never having campaigned at any time: 402-136 55.5%-44.5%

    He got 60%+ in six states.

  7. As I’m playing – (still in the primaries, Romney has wrapped up the nomination).

    New York, California, Texas, and Washington DC should be exempt from the fundraising rules. Big dollars come from there regardless of the candidate’s popularity etc. If possible, a special rubric should be built based around how close the candidate’s views are based on the ideology test to the party’s base.

    This is how I would do it. Compiling the most popular states for x party, and going off their primary base’s ideological views, I would say the candidate closest to that state (or average of states’ views) should be able to raise a huge chunk of cash in CA, NY, and DC.

    This might be feasible in the game engine but might be problematic in different time eras but actually going back to the earliest elections, these states have been (excepting California) been the center of the fundraising universe.

  8. 2 – I think you should go back to the 2008 campaign and you know, have results for primaries show up on the right, where you have the poll tracker for the primaries.

    For example it shows Romney having won Ohio, the whole tracker map showing that he won 53.2% and the flat line showing the poll since the primary election ended. Well, you know how you click through to find the progression of time on the polls and stuff? Why not have a third panel there with the formal results – for example…

    Mitt Romney – 53.2% – 487,178 votes – 14 delegates
    Rick Santorum – 41.1% – 374,947 votes – 9 delegates

    Etc etc.

  9. 3 – Major bug. When I wrapped up the nomination, I went to the GE tab and tried to create the org and all there and it was a bug.

    Romney had gotten 1230 delegates by then – I was trying to get a GE campaign rolling.

  10. Problems I encountered and noticed:

    1. Ads are not strong enough across the board. I don’t believe any candidate has weaknesses in producing strong ads but they do not have enough money to air them. Ron Paul put out great ads this cycle but he didn’t have enough money to air them like Romney. This shouldn’t be an attribute.

    I played both as Santorum and Paul and I saturated the airwaves with negative ads and it took support away from Romney in the polls but then on election day the support bounced back to Romney instead of disappearing or going to another candidate.

    2. Ground strength and org does not seem to be instrumental or at least working. I think having ground org should give you at least 5+ points on election day, it didn’t change a thing.

    3. Momentum is not present in the game. I played as Ron Paul, won all the early states and then fell flat. Losing the rest by double digits.

    4. While I agree Gingrich was at the top during early december, the support he has in the game seems to be more solidified then it actually way (there was a reason why he dropped so fast in the polls). The fluctuation between candidates isn’t happening…

  11. Oh and the polls, there’s no difference between not polling and private polling to the actual results.

  12. To extend upon momentum and polling:

    After losing everything after Nevada as Santorum (I won everything before), I decided to go straight to NY in the beginning of March and run ads everyday. I ran positive ads and negative ads about Romney.

    Polling the day of the primary:

    Santorum – 25%
    Gingrich – 20%
    Romney – 13%
    Paul – 8%

    The results:

    Romney – 35%
    Gingrich – 28%
    Santorum – 20%
    Paul – 13%

    Now, it’s not like Romney was running ads or had ground organization. He had no involvement with the state. I was running 40 ads the day before and had multiple scandals running in the state on Romney.

  13. @Feras,

    Thanks for this – what’s happening is that undecided that came from Gingrich are just being put back into his column on election day. This is now changed in the latest internal.


    Yes, that’s exactly what’s happening. This should be fixed in the next version.


    Re: Gingrich too strong. Thanks – this is probably a combination of a) how undecideds were breaking, this has been changed in the latest internal version, and b) that computer player AI is not complete, so they don’t utilize all the resources they have. That should change in the next while.


    1. Re: fundraising, noted.

    2. Re: viewing vote totals and delegates, this is a good idea. Whatever happens, there should be a way to view vote and delegate totals after the primary date.

    3. Re: general election bug, this has been fixed in the latest internal version.


    Re: Romney bouncing back, this has to do with how undecideds are breaking (see above). Undecideds will break differently in the next version.

    I’ll double check Org Strength and Footsoldiers – noted.

    Re: momentum, this might be an artifact of the undecideds issue above. I’ll note this and look for it.

    “The fluctuation between candidates isn’t happening…”

    This might be an artifact of the computer player AI, as well as how undecideds break. Thanks – I’ll keep an eye on this while playing test runs.

    “Oh and the polls, there’s no difference between not polling and private polling to the actual results.”


  14. @Jonathan

    “Gingrich will not leave his state.”



    Thanks, and I agree. Every issue I encountered went back to the undecideds.

  15. There’s also a problem with the general election results after leaving the primary. Although the problem was fixed that was in P4E2008 (results dramatically change between the primary and general), I started the first day of the general election leading Obama 345-190. That’s just too unrealistic.

  16. I agree with Craig. The issue with undecideds has been an issue since the first version. I’d also appreciate an update if the problem has been fixed. Thanks a lot.

  17. The primary date for Texas is wrong, the April 3 date for the Texas primary has been changed to May 29.

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