P4E12: What to expect the next few months

Hi everyone,

Just a quick note: President Forever 2012’s next update will be in early July. It will then continue to be updated at roughly weekly or bi-weekly intervals, probably right up until September.

We will be adding to the current scenario, adding other scenarios, and adding features, while fine-tuning gameplay, the computer AI, and the user interface.

Official release will probably happen in August.

Thanks everyone for your feedback so far! I’m looking forward to making this game better.

A few specifics in response to common questions: yes, we will be adding population totals for primary results (beyond the percentages that are currently displayed), and yes, we will be adding a way to change the number of days per turn, to speed up the middle part of the game.

President Forever 2012 Beta Released

If you have already pre-ordered, you can download the Beta here.

For those who want to pre-order the game and also try out the Beta, you can do so here. (Note: for Windows.)

This an early Beta release. This is a way to offer people who have pre-ordered a sneak peek into the game, as well as an opportunity for them to offer feedback on features they think would be useful, awesome, and so on, if incorporated into the game.

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