Release: President Forever 2012 v. 1.1.5

President Forever 2012 Beta v. 1.1.5 has been released.

Note: computer player AI is not complete. This results in computer players not focusing on the optimal states, and so on.

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12 thoughts on “Release: President Forever 2012 v. 1.1.5”

  1. Liking the debate features. However, can you amp up the power debates have on momentum? It never seems that debates can have a lot of momentum whereas in real life, in the GE they have a lot of power.

    Need to do a complete playthrough to see how the ad costs bite into the funds.

    q – do you plan to add primary results somewhere so we can refer to them? or? Or is that for down the road?

  2. @GOP Gipper,

    Feedback on debates noted.

    Primary results percentages can be viewed by clicking on that region after its primary. Is that what you’re referring to?

  3. I think it would be a good idea to have a weekly advancement like in PF08 if you are the last man standing for your party or an unchallenged incumbent President. It can get boring if you play as Obama in 08 or Bush in 04 with nothing to really do for 200 turns or so or if you wipe out your opponents fast.

  4. Or actually in another thought you should be able to have an option to toggle the game advancement in the primary stage from daily like in the current format to weekly like in 08. This could be a great compromise for those who like the new primary format with the ones who like the old format and could also help with not being bored once you clinch your party’s nomination.

  5. Yeah, I’m gonna be honest… I haven’t played through a whole round of this yet specifically because of how damn long it takes to go through day-by-day. Hell, I get tired of that with Canada 2011, and that’s just a fraction of the length of this contest. I don’t see myself playing much if it’s not going to be week-by-week.

  6. anthony,

    I have played about six games so far, and I cannot even get through an entire game (primaries, GE) without some kind of error message where the game stops working and I have to push CTRL, ALT, DEL to close it. It’s very frustrating to spend 3-4 hours going through micromanaging each turn, only for the game to crash halfway through with no way to save. Could you please add at least an autosave feature in the next release, so we don’t have to start each game over? The crashes seem to be random. This last time it crashed in mid August…earlier today it crashed during late April, I have gotten all the way to the first day of the GE, selected Gingrich as running mate, and it crashed when I clicked on him to do debate prep. The only way I can get all the way to election night is if I start a game without primaries on, and just spacebar through til the end with both parties set as “human”. If you can at least add some sort of save feature, even if it’s just specifically for the Beta version, that would be wonderful. I figured you don’t have a save option because something will change in that regard by the time the final comes out…just a temp save for now would at least make the experience enjoyable. I really like the new version a lot, but until there is a way to at least have autosave so we don’t lose our hours of progress everytime, I’m going back to PE08… when do you expect the final to be released? Will you have all the governors as endorsers like PE08? Thanks!

  7. I meant Christie as my running mate, not Gingrich. Sorry, it was early in the morning when I typed that!

  8. You may want to customize candidate strength based on home state/regional strength etc. (for the general) i.e. certain Republican candidates may appeal to the south more than others (Romney less so than Santorum)…You could also play with the idea of depressed turnout as a consequence of certain candidates winning the primary…also, it would be cool to have the Dem primaries have some of the minor candidates from real life (Keith Judd, Randall terry, etc…also Clinton, Sanders, Fiengold would be worth it)…just a thought….

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