P4E12: What to expect the next few months

Hi everyone,

Just a quick note: President Forever 2012’s next update will be in early July. It will then continue to be updated at roughly weekly or bi-weekly intervals, probably right up until September.

We will be adding to the current scenario, adding other scenarios, and adding features, while fine-tuning gameplay, the computer AI, and the user interface.

Official release will probably happen in August.

Thanks everyone for your feedback so far! I’m looking forward to making this game better.

A few specifics in response to common questions: yes, we will be adding population totals for primary results (beyond the percentages that are currently displayed), and yes, we will be adding a way to change the number of days per turn, to speed up the middle part of the game.

4 thoughts on “P4E12: What to expect the next few months”

  1. Hi, I’m really enjoying your game and glad for it’s beta release. But I think, veep’s influence on campaign is unrealistic. You know… it’s just like another Player controllable character is added in the middle of game. McCain experienced soar of ratings after choosing Former Govenor Sarah Palin as his Veep in 2008 election. So.. can i hope this kind of effect in the game? It’s going to be a lot more fun when it becomes more realistc.
    Also, I had found loophole in EP system. There seem to be no increased panelty or some kind of event occurring when character’s EP is below hundreds of points or even thousands of points. Please make some events or increaed panelty when player’s EP is below 0. Like.. candidate is hospitalized so unable to campaign for several days.
    Thanks for your best election simulation again. 🙂

  2. Hi Kafka,

    Thanks for the feedback! Yes, Veeps might have more of an effect on the game in future versions – noted. I agree about the EPs – should be changed in a forthcoming version. Thanks again!

  3. When’s the next version? You said a week ago on the forum that it would be out this past weekend.

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