Release: President Forever 2012 v. 1.2.7

President Forever 2012 v. 1.2.7 has been released. This fixes the election night bug where percentages and states won didn’t match and modifies several of Gary Johnson’s issue positions, among other things.

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14 thoughts on “Release: President Forever 2012 v. 1.2.7”

  1. The game stops working after March 10th in the primaries in a 2 way race between Clinton & Obama. I am playing as Obama (human) w/ Clinton as the computer. No spies, no fog of war & is not a timed game & is on the hard setting. The game was last stable for me at 1.2.5 for Pres. Forever 2012.

  2. When playing in 2016 with O’Malley (primaries on and on hard level), every time I go to run an ad, the percentage of margin in each state says “unknown.” If I try to order the list of states by percentage, the game shuts down. Didn’t know if you were aware of this or not.

  3. The game stops for me on Feb 3/4th, a box shows up with nothing in it and the computer says the program has stopped working.

  4. I think for the Socialist party, in the primaries, you could probably make the numbers similar to the general election numbers. This way you avoid them having 0% of the vote, or you could make the numbers similar to their 1904 results. I think a Socialist would pretty much vote socialist; therefore, making the numbers similar to their final 1912 results might be more accurate.

    Democrats should definitely have a majority in the South in the primary.

    I think the Bull Moose party should be close to 0% and then split the Republican vote at the general election if Taft wins. As the General Election already alters the numbers so significantly when the transition occurs, I assume it wouldn’t be too hard to make. I suppose your game creating program allows for “if/then” situations. This would then simulate the 3rd party emerging. If TR is elected as a Republican, then the 3rd party would go down to 0%.

  5. Something Ive thought of is the interviews that get done with various tv shows, would it be possible to add radio as well (I havent seen any radio interview options). Also many of the tv shows dont add up with the day of the week, Sunday Talk Shows are given in the middle of the week etc

  6. The game just stopped working for me playing as Perry on March 20, when the results box for the Illinois primary came up.

  7. The game has also crashed for me on a number of occasions around the March/April primaries in the 2012 scenario, as Bachmann, Huntsman and Johnson.

  8. I’m glad i’m not alone. I’m playing as Perry as well in the 2012 primary campaign and the game constantly crashes on March 20 during the Illinois primary. I’m starting to win and really want to continue, but that does not appear possible right now. Anyone find anyway around these crashes?

  9. I was well on my way to winning the nomination as Perry when the game crashed too. I don’t think there’s anyway around it apart from start again, which I did. This time I won and got to the general election. There I won the popular vote but lost the electoral college, with Obama’s margin of victory in 6 states less than 1%. If having a recount option is feasible, I’d definitely like to see it.

  10. Starting over is only the real option I have? Seems like a crap shoot to me. Not sure I want to go thru all that again and risk erroring out. Think I’ll just wait for another version or ask for my money back if it takes too long.

  11. Game crashed for me as well as Perry on March 6th. Error box came up stating the game has stopped working (Very Frustrating). I agree that at this point the game should be more stable…especially after what seemed like 1,000 updates over the last year…I love the games but I would just like a final finished game that has all of the bugs worked out…it seems to me that fixing one bug opens up a worm hole for others to occur

  12. Hi everyone,

    I’m working on finding and fixing this bug right now. An update should be released tomorrow or the next day. My apologies for it and thanks for your patience – sometimes adding new features causes bugs that are relatively elusive.

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