Release: President Forever 2012 v. 1.2.9

President Forever 2012 v. 1.2.9 has been released. This fixes a bug that caused undecided voters to move back to leader they were from on election, for both general election and primaries, among other things.

Note: after installing this update, will say v. 1.2.7 on Start Screen, this allows for saved games from 1.2.7 to work.

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  1. I downloaded this and then loaded a game I had been playing on 1.2.8. When I clicked the checkmark to go to the next turn I got an access violation code and it wouldn’t go to the next day. I was playing as Warner in 2016 and it was April 15th if that helps. It’s rough because I had virtually locked up the nomination and was having a good time, I guess maybe I can try going back down to 1.2.8

  2. There have been many instances where a few states on election night give the loser the electoral votes. For example, for Nevada I had

    Obama 51%
    Romney 49% 6

  3. Also I should mention, I just think its odd that Cuomo and O’Malley can endorse me as governors, while they’re still running against me as candidates. Even if you can create an “if x drops out then y becomes an endorser” trigger, maybe have some governors’ endorsements from candidates be delayed till April at least, that way at least they’ve in all likelihood dropped out or come close.

  4. Great job with this version! This version makes the game much more playable. I suggest that Hurricane Sandy is included as an event in the game because it is dominating the media right now and the candidates have suspended their campaigns due to the storm.

  5. The game has crashed for me on the 1912 and 2016 elections. I forgot when it did in 1912, but the 2016 election crashed right before the election returns on election day.

  6. *can’t create.

    And re-downloading 1.2.8 made it work thankfully. Also the whole Sandy thing makes me think, you could always have a “disaster management” platform lol. Left positions could include having the national guard fully coordinate with FEMA & have complete legal authority to restore order, and maybe another position about increasing funding for foreign relief efforts (think Haiti earthquake, Indonesia tsunami etc). Right positions could include making Fema/the national guard respect property rights and refrain from martial law + offering limited foreign aide (center-right), forming private-public partnerships to reform Fema through competitive bidding (right), and leaving disaster management completely up to the states while eliminating all government foreign disaster relief (far right).

  7. Yes, just to confirm, I replayed the 1912 election, and it also crashes right before the votes are tallied on Nov 5th

  8. A 2016 game I played crashed around March time, and I just played a 2012 scenario where it crashed when processing the turns between January 2nd and January 3rd, just before the Iowa caucus results would have come up.

  9. I haven’t had a problem with 2012 yet; only 1912 and 2016. Despite the glitches, I can see that the game is headed in the right direction. Can’t wait until the final product is complete. Any estimated time table for the editor? I’m already making notes for a hypothetical 2024 election with my predicted 2024 issues. Lots of fun. I also want to create as many of the past elections as possible.

  10. Having watched Argo recently, I think it would be fun to have a “what if” 1980 scenario in which the Shah dies before coming to the United States and the Iran hostage crisis doesn’t happen. You could also include Independent Anderson (got 6-7%) and Libertarian Clark (got 1%) as candidates who could take away from Reagan’s votes, and then you’d have a competitive race.

  11. ICX, what might be better, is have an event that has the hostage situation occur as it did or in a way more favorable to Carter. In this way, you have no control of how the event might occur.

  12. My 2016 game crashed in between Iowa and NH primaries. I was dominating too! The Access Violation code popped up… Any chance this is being fixed?

  13. When I barnstorm in a state the news story doesn’t appear until a day later for example as Romney I barnstormed in Iowa on Monday with no news story. On Tuesday I barnstorm in Florida and the following news story states Romney meets voters in Iowa?

  14. Hi everyone,

    If anyone has a save game that can be loaded to reliably generate the error, please send it to us in compressed form ( ). There is a main save game file, and then accompanying save game files for each candidate in the game. You will be able to see this when looking at the savegames folder.

  15. I have a saved game that crashes with an error for 2012 please e-mail me and let me know how to send it to you.

  16. The game keeps predicting the winner of the election incorrectly. I won all swing states except for Penn and Nevada, but the game predicted Romney the winner. I won FL, OH, NC, VI, NM, MI, WI, and CO. I lost the popular vote, but had 299 electoral votes and was clearly winning. Right before California, Romney was shockingly predicted the winner.

  17. Twice my game crashed when I barnstormed in North Carolina (as Bachmann) on the day of the primary there. On the second occasion I had saved the game recently, reloaded, didn’t barnstorm in NC on primary day and it continued as normal.

  18. This isn’t a major glitch, but while playing the 2012 scenario, the Republicans had a dead heat between Gingrich, Christie, and Romney all the way. Romney won Utah, but then it looked like Christie would win Nebraska. Well I wanted Gingrich to win because he’s so far right so I actually ran attack ads on Christie as a non-Republican. It worked and Gingrich won with almost half the vote. The delegate totals were thus 697 Gingrich, 730 Christie, 35 for candidates who had dropped out earlier, and the rest for Romney (almost 800). About a week later Gingrich drops out and endorses no one, and Romney goes on to win the convention by 35 delegates. Played through it again (had saved just before Utah) without running ads, Christie won Nebraska, Gingrich dropped out again with 650+ delegates, Romney won again, this time by 4 or 5 delegates. National polling at the time Gingrich dropped out was 32% Christie, 28% Romney 28% Gingrich.

    I just think with his personality Gingrich wouldn’t drop out if he had a chance of winning, and if he was going to, why not sooner (before a victory). At least he would want to play kingmaker and endorse someone. It seems like the game just doesn’t like 3-way conventions.

    Another minor point: Many of the Republican primaries in the game (South Carolina, for instance) are winner take all, when in real life this year they were decided by congressional district. Usually the winner of a district would get 2 or 3 delegates, with the overall winner of a state getting the remainder, usually a pretty large number. There are others, such as Virginia, which were decided by congressional district, with the remainder being allocated proportionally, unless the winner had over 50%. The media variously reported such contests as “winner take all” or “proportional,” even though usually one candidate would win 2-3 districts and another the rest. I realize this may be difficult to model in the game but perhaps it could be some sort of logarithmic proportional system, with winners getting far more than a proportional share but 2nd and 3rd getting a few delegates.

  19. I should point out, that if you look at things objectively, Obama is pretty much center-right, maybe right, on the War on Terror; taking personal responsibility for decisions on individual targets of drone strikes and embracing the Patriot Act. His administration also argued for the use of vehicle tracking devices without warrants in US v. Jones. If we get the candidate editor I’ll definitely change that.

    For 2012 I am also consistently experiencing a crash on general election day.

  20. ICX so your saying he is center-right on foreign policy related stuff? if so I agree but if you are saying over all (as in economy domestic related things) I don’t.

  21. This has happened a few times: My ads disappear sometimes when I create them on the first turn of the general election.

  22. I keep having crashes during the came with primaries on for 2012 during the processing turn screen, an access violation error comes up. This is happening every time, I haven’t been able to get past the end of February, no matter which candidate I’m playing.

  23. Game chases constantly, no matter the candidate or the escenario. Error occurs on the day of the primary, I want to go back to the previous version.

  24. GAME HAS CRASHED 100% TIMES I´VE PLAYED THIS VERSION, ´´Access violation at address 40000000. Read of address 40000000.´´


  25. Can we please have the ability to alter the starting money amounts, attributes, etc? I really liked the candidate editor in previous versions–why is it not available for 2012? Thanks!

  26. For some reason I uninstalled the game and now it works fine 🙂

    – ADM, can you include BUS TOUR option? So the candidate can travel the state for 3 days, or something similar and gain a bigger momentum and support than a rally?

    – COMPUTER DIFFICULTY: I played in Hard mode as Bachmann, I won Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Florida, Nevada, Colorado and Maine, after this all the candidates endorsed Christie(except romney) and he boosted a huge momentum. He lead nationally with 56% while Romney 19% and Bachmann 14%. Christie won all March 6 primaries with 60%-+ except Georgia (Bachmann). After super tuesday, Romney withdraw from the race after a deal with Bachmann. With nationall polls showing 62% Christie 17% Bachmann.

    After super tuesday, I skipped the remaining primaries because It was very difficult to win them, so I went to Wisconsin and Maryland and put all my effort, I won with 66% both. Finally, I defeated Christie after winning the remaining states of the primaries with huge margins. from 60% to 85%. I finished nationally at 41,5% and Chstie at 39,8%… Delegate count Bachmann 1200 vs Christie 1000+-. Christie never endorsed me and he had his theme against me until convention…. after the convention Bachmann lead Obama by 5 points (ON HARD MODE?), and I finally won the election day with 72,5% against 27,5% for Obama. Is this realistic?

    We´re all trying to win convincinly but I think my comeback was not realistic at all. I’m somewhat experienced player and I´ve played this game for one year, I´ve created many escenarios also, But still… 72% against Obama is too much, I won ALL states, including DC. Not realistic.

  27. Is anybody else experiencing the spin news not lining up with where your candidate is currently campaigning as I mentioned before? I’m not sure if this is just a text glitch or if it is affecting momentum in the regions. @Anthonyadmin is there a fix for this?

  28. wilfred – Oh yeah, just foreign policy related things.

    Have now had the game crash when:

    -I played as Warner in 2016 on General Election day. Thankfully when I loaded my last save and replayed it, it went through.

    -I played as Gary Johnson and the Lib. convention came up. When I reloaded and replayed it went through, but eventually it crashed consistently on general election day :/

    -I played as Gary Johnson again and it crashed consistently on LP convention day, couldn’t make it through by reloading.

    -I played as Huntsman in 2012 and managed to lead in polls in New Hampshire. Game crashed on NH primary day, haven’t tried replaying yet.

    Will email a saved file of the LP convention crash. It’s really a shame because I managed to get about 15 governors to endorse me!

  29. I constantly got error messages, but when I continuously saved the game I never got them until election night (playing Obama vs Gingrich) when I got an error message saying “Access violation at address 00000000. Read address 00000000.” The error message I got prior to saving every few turns was “Access violation at address 004AE702 in module p4e12.exe. Read address 00000008.” Ill send my file to you.

    I agree with AND above that the game is not very realistic yet. In the game Obama vs Gingrich Obama is winning with 20-30% margin nationally, winning states like Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia. When it comes to fundraising Obama has “only” raised 379 million by election day, this is with me having him fundraise in CA, TX, NY, IL, OH, FL, PA, MI, VA almost every single week and having fundraising strength on 5. Gingrich (computer) on the other hand hadnt raised more than 35 million, took public financing but does not seem to have spent it, the AI has 74 million in the bank the weekend before election day. The game needs to see candidates raise more money and have everything from ads to operations and travel cost more.

    Another thing Ive thought about is the size of rallies, they seem very small, even in CA or NY having ground and strategic strength on maximum, leading in the polls by 40% with a big momentum behind me I never seem to get more than 6000 to my rallies, both Obama and Romney are drawing 10-20 000 in some swing states. In 2008 Obama had a few crowds of 75 000-80 000 if not more. The size of rallies could also reflect in news stories with a large crowd saying “X holds big rally in Y” or “X draws huge crowds in Y” alt “lackluster audience for X in Y” “X campaign scrambling after poor reception in Y”

    A fun thing to add would be if the candidates could create some buzz around their first rallies such as announcing their run for the presidency. Holding one or two kick off rallies in a few states, being able to spin a few news stories such as “Romney: I believe in America and Im running for President of the United States” or Hillary (in 2008) I’m In, and I’m In to Win”
    Another thing to spin would be quarterly or monthly fundraising say “X campaign raised Y in last quarter/month” would show leadership skills and create momentum.

  30. To speak to the above, I noticed in 2012 when I had Christie turned on, and he, Gingrich, and Romney were fighting for the nomination basically to the convention, it caused the election to be heavily skewed in favor of the eventual nominee (Romney, in this case), perhaps because they all had been doing ads in so many states for so long. It makes some sense, but on the other hand, with money being split 3 ways on the Republican side, you would think Obama would be able to cancel out the ad blitz with his own ads after convention time by having all Democratic fundraising consolidated much longer.


    Right now I’m playing as Gary Johnson, I’m at 14,5% on Friday October 5th, 2012.
    Obama 29,6%, Santorum 18,1%. UNDECIDEDS ARE AT 37,8%.

    This always happens when I do rallies all over the country(and have the theme agains them) no matter the candidate, the undecideds go WAY UP while I only grow little, I’m not growing as fast as I could be.

    Obama started at 41% and Santorum at 40% while me at 1,5%, they are both way back that support, but their support is going to undecideds and not to Gary Johnson…. Why??? This always happens no matter the candidate, the candidate(s) support I attack goes to undecides, heading into election day with no clear outcome….

    The negative part is that on ELECTION DAY, all undecideds are going for the candidate with more momentum…. If I were Obama or any republican I would win those undecides, since Johnson has no money, I cannot continue the momentum on election day and I get defeated.

  32. Also, I’m not getting invited to any debate even thought I’m at 14,5%, while Obama is at 29,6% and Santorum 18,1%.

  33. It makes some sense, I mean, you are attacking other candidates, rather than pushing your own. I rarely put attack points in my theme for very long, I hate getting the “[candidate]’s campaign too negative?” Maybe instead of all support going away from the candidate attacked to the undecided column, some of it should go to the candidate with the most momentum at the time.

  34. @Andres,

    If you attack other candidates for the most part, then this will drive up the number of undecideds (ceteris paribus). You then need to boast about your own candidate to increase your own percentages more rapidly.

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