Release: President Forever 2016 v. 1.3.6

President Forever 2016 v. 1.3.6 has been released. This allows 1 CP per endorser per turn, adds automated Surrogates, adds Amy Klobuchar and Julian Castro as possible Vice-Leaders in 2016, and more.

Note: if you are a President Forever 2012 owner, you are eligible for this upgrade.

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32 thoughts on “Release: President Forever 2016 v. 1.3.6”

  1. Another thing I was wondering if there is specialized events when the attacks and when Superstorm Sandy made landfall like a time for prayer, a storm relief drive, or something along those lines and what you do in a time of a disaster and how you respond to the disasters is how you gain momentum for leadership or integrity. Not just automatically awarding certain candidates with bonus points, because i dont think Obama should be awarded points for the way he handled the situation. There are still people in NY without needed help!!!

  2. I rarely have enough time to play a whole game primaries and all in one sitting so I have to have the save option. When I first save or it autosaves it starts out around 8,000 mb of space but each turn it slowly grows larger, The further I get into the game and the more it autosaves or I save the larger the number becomes. Eventually I will get to the point where it says the saved game takes up 142,000 mb which is around the time that when I go to save it says “cannot write specific save file” the game then shows it saying it takes up 0 mb and when I go to load it I get the “index out of bounds” error.

  3. Only the first surrogate can be made automatic. Every time i try to put my 2nd surrogate on automatic, it prompts for me to do it manually.

    Also, please add Obama (and maybe even Romney) as endorsers in 2016.

    Also, I’d like a 3rd party in the 2016 scenario—probably Gary Johnson. 1) They’ll probably be a 3rd party. 2) I like to watch how the computer plays the two major parties after every update you send out to see how realistically they campaign. It helps for testing purposes.

  4. I wanted to verify that there is a game editor available with the game now. Is this the comprehensive editor that was available with 2008? Can I, for example, create a new map, new states, new everything from the ground up?


    Matt R

  5. The editor we have is a beta version, Matt R. It isn’t even close to the editor from last version; however, I assume we will get one as good as that one, if not better.

  6. Matt R – I have the 2008 game as well, but I don’t recall being able to create new maps/states/etc.?

    How do I do that?

  7. @Matt R, I did it somehow, but I don’t remember how I did it. It’s been a few years and I only did it once. I don’t have the 2008 game anymore.

    @Anthony. Any idea when the next update will come out or what you plan in including in that update?

    Watch John Kerry become a 2016 candidate now that he’s likely to be Sec of State.

  8. Re: 2016

    Jeb Bush
    I think Laura Bush would be a surrogate with Leader 2, Fundraising 2/1 (She was always popular with the donor base), and Spin 1
    I also think that “W” might be involved raising money for his brother, I’ve actually heard GW Bush might start raising money again as soon as 2014 for ‘select’ Republicans.

    National Endorsers Republicans:
    Mitt Romney Leadership 2, Fundraising 3, Spin 1
    John McCain Leadership 3, Fundraising 2, Spin 1
    Clint Eastwood Leadership 1, Fundrasing 1, Spin 2

    National Endorsers Democrats:
    Barack Obama Leadership 2, Fundraising 2, Spin 3
    Michelle Obama Leadership 1, Fundraising 1, Spin
    John Kerry Leadership 2, Fundraising 2, Spin 2

    National Endorsers
    –The Boss, Bruce Springsteen (obviously a Democrat… but always holds out till the end,
    at least he did w/ Obama) I don’t think he be a fundraiser, but would a crowd draw for a Democrat. I assume that would be a leadership type trait. 3,1,1 or would chance of making the news be increased with a high spin level? so a 1,1,3?

    –Kid Rock, same as the Boss on the trait set-up

    –Barbra Striesand, similiar to above… maybe lower because she is old, and no body cares about her.

    -Hank Williams Jr. lower like Barbra

    I think that this version has done a great job localizing elections. However, it lacks some of the national leverage that a candidate should be able to use.

  9. Re: Spinning News Stories

    If you use one point, it gives you a -zero-% chance of spinning the story. It takes a full 5points to spin.

    That’s borderline prohibitive. Or, was that the point?

  10. Re: Surrogates
    All surrogates being limited to 5 turns, is nuts. Some of the smaller surrogates should have 10 or something like that. I mean, Clinton has 3 surrogates who go out for 25 days a piece. And Considering the game lasts almost a year, it would make sense to have them out longer.

  11. Re: Endorsement Page
    If you could sort it by “time-left” till primary or by party that might make the interface more user friendly. Or when you click on the endorsement icon, it could open a new menu (similar to candidate actions). Then the player could click on Governors, Senators, Mayors/Territories, News Papers, National/3rd Party Groups(Trump, Unions, NRA, etc)

  12. I don’t know if a Kid Rock or Hank Williams endorsement is really that helpful. At least not enough to create it on the game.

  13. @Jonathan
    I would question getting an endorsement from Trump, The Boss, Barbra, and any celebrity for that matter. Those are just Celebrities that typically get involved on either side.

  14. Couple things:

    1.) I think the the surrogates that are spouses should be set to an unlimited number of turns. I understand the need to limit the number of turns for other surrogates but in general, campaign spouses only take a break from the campaign when the candidate takes a break from the campaign (if then). And since it doesn’t cost any PIPs for the spouses anyway (please don’t change this), it seems pointless to have them pulled off the campaign trail for just a few days.

    2.) When researching a national scandal on an opponent, it never goes above 1% and just stays there all game, which is extremely frustrating. I’m forced to only be able to research local scandals, which has its pros and cons. I’d still like to have the option of researching a national scandal.

    3.) Once a VP is selected, I’ve noticed that the Presidential candidate suffers energy point hits for the VP’s actions. This makes no sense. It would be nice if it could be set up to where a VP’s actions on the campaign trail only affect his/her EP points and the main candidate’s actions only affect his/her EP points.

    4.) I’m still eagerly awaiting the arrival of Tim Pawlenty and Herman Cain as Republican candidate possibilities for the 2012 scenario. Regardless of whether or not they participated in a primary/caucus, they did indeed seek the Republican nomination and they should be included in the game, in my opinion. I also think Gary Johnson should be an option for the Republican party, as he initially sought the Republican nomination before switching to the Libertarian party.

    5.) Lastly, as a thought – I think it would be fun to be able to play the 1960 election, which was a close election and could’ve gone either way. Just some food for thought….

  15. I still get “Out of Bounds” errors when I go to try influencing a potential endorser.

    I played the 2016 scenario as Rand Paul, and I tried influencing Maine Govenor Paul LePage.

    This occurred very early in the game, too. I was on the fourth day of the game.

  16. Jack – They have one currently they’re beta testing for P4E 2016. It’s limited, but you can edit somewhat.

    Admins – Along with having “Out of Bounds” errors in the 2016 scenario, I had one occur in the 2012 scenario today as well. Again when I attempted to influence an endorser.

  17. Any chance we’ll have a real candidate editor soon? I haven’t played at all recently and not having a good candidate editor is the reason why.

  18. @Jonathan,

    Thanks for the concern. 😉 Now that the holidays are over, things will start picking up again.

  19. Hoping that Klobachar and Castro will be added as candidates soon. And I can’t believe Obama and W. Bush are not endorsers yet. (As well as Bush SR and Carter) Also think Rick Perry should be thrown back into the Rep. Candidates.

    As far as the editor:
    We should be able to change the candidate’s picture and home state.

    On a possitive note, glad to see the endorsers erorr after the primaries got fixed! Yay!

  20. @Aaron,

    Thanks for the feedback – yes, once the candidate editor is done, I’ll start adding extra candidates. Klobachar and Castro are VP options currently.

    I’m not convinced that Obama and Bush would endorse. Interested in others’ thoughts on this. Bush Sr. and Carter are noted.

    Changing home state and candidate’s picture will be in the next Test Release.

  21. Whenever I try to change my candidates picture I get an error saying that the application cant find the specified file…any suggestions?

  22. @Christian,

    Can you confirm which version you are using, and how you are trying to change the candidate pictures?

  23. Anthony,

    Will the campaign editor eventually allow us to create 3rd parties? I’d also like to see contested election 269-269 ties, and such, play out more. I don’t think it should always go to whichever party controls the house; especially, if the house is controlled by the party that comes in a distant 3rd.

  24. @Jonathan,

    Yes, I intend to continue work on the candidate editor, moving it towards a full campaign editor. 269-269 scenarios with the exceptional situation you mention is a good point – I’ve noted it.

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