Release: President Forever 2016 v. 1.3.7 Test Release 6

President Forever 2016 v. 1.3.7 Test Release 6 has been released. This adds the ability to delete leaders and a couple other features to the candidate editor, fixes several bugs, sets all Republican leaders also as vice-leaders in 2016, modifies some percentage bonuses for leaders, and adds the first candidate created with the candidate editor – Amy Klobuchar.

Note: this version changes the folder for user-designed scenarios. If you already have a user-designed scenario you want to migrate to this version, you will have to move it from its current folder to the new user scenarios folder. To find the current scenario, before installing this version open President Forever 2016, go to the candidate editor, and create a new scenario. Note down the scenario path. Then install the new version, and create a new scenario. Note the new path. Using your file explorer, go to the old path (minus the scenario folder name), and copy the scenario folder. Then go to the new path (minus the scenario folder name), and paste the scenario folder. This should add the scenario to the new scenario list.

This is a Test Release, not an official release. You can download a Test Release by requesting a re-download e-mail at the link below. When you receive the e-mail, you will have both a President Forever 2016 link and a President Forever 2016 Test Release link. You will want to download the file from the Test Release link.

Note: if you are a President Forever 2012 owner, you are eligible for this upgrade.

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25 thoughts on “Release: President Forever 2016 v. 1.3.7 Test Release 6”

  1. Could you make Joe Biden a stronger candidate for 2016? I feel that if he ran, he’d have some of the same election machinery as Obama had; as in stronger ads, spin, etc. He would probably have Obama as a surrogate. I’d also wager that he’d out-poll, possibly everyone, in PA and DE, at least.

  2. Great to see a new candidate being added! Just to put here the list I posted on another page about future candidate’s:

    Republicans: South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley; Texas Senator Ted Cruz; Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker; New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez; Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice & Former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown.

    Democrats: Mayor of Newark and 2014 senatorial candidate Cory Booker & New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

  3. I’d think Patrick and Schweitzer would come before Booker, who would have been Senator for about two minutes before he starts running for President.

    Also, there’s no forum.

  4. You should probably change the stance for some of the candidates on Same-Sex Marriage; especially, after Clinton and Warner publicly supporting it.

  5. @Jonathan,

    “He would probably have Obama as a surrogate.”

    This is an interesting consideration. My sense is that most people don’t consider Biden to be Presidential fibre – he’s a little bit like the Sarah Palin of the left. Perhaps this is just my own bias.

  6. @Guy,

    Thanks for the suggestions – in particular, Cruz, whom I hadn’t thought about. He should be added (in initial form) for the next version.

  7. @Will,

    Thanks for the feedback about colors. Right now, I’m adding new candidates as ‘initial’ versions. They will have standard platforms, percentages, and colors (i.e., identical). It’s just to get them started.

  8. Crowd sourcing request,

    Anyone who wants to put up an initial set of issues positions for

    Amy Klobuchar (D)
    Julian Castro (D)
    Brian Schweitzer (D)
    Ted Cruz (R)

    would be greatly appreciated. Discussion welcome on what these should be.

  9. I am still having issues with the candidate images still getting the same “file not found” error message

  10. I will try once again Here are Ted Cruz’s positions:
    Far Right Positions: Gun Control, Education and role of government
    Right positions:Abortion, Corruption, Same Sex Marriage, Government Spending, Energy, Environment, Healthcare, Immigration, Unions, Social Security,
    Center-Right positions: War on Terror,Iran,Military Intervention, Free Trade and Defense spending
    Unknown: Tax Rates he champions a lower corporate tax and implementing a flat tax

  11. I think Huntsman and Santorum are just as likely to run as anyone already included in the game. In fact, Wikipedia mentions them in the category of “publicly expressing interest”. I’d like to see them both added.

  12. I have a question. Is their a chance to add Sarah Palin to the 2012 and 2016 scenario, and add Herman Cain, Tim Pawlently, and Jill Stein to the 2012 scenario?

  13. One of the things I have noticed, and I probably have only noticed it because I play unfairly, but one is able to use Web Ads to gain a significant amount of momentum cheaply and easily steal an election.

    For example, in a Rand Paul 2016 scenario, I waited until Immigration became a +2 issue and then began to develop Web Ads. These ads came out with 2-4 power, and were extremely easy to spam – next Monday, I am the front runner in the Republican Primary.

    Other than restricting myself from using Web Ads, is there tweak that can be made to the game to make them less powerful? More development time? Higher cost? Cap the amount that can be run at one time or in general?

    I love the game; it’s awesome. I managed to run a Rubio/Sandoval ticket to the White House in 2016 against the Governor of New York. When Cruz is added to the game, I am going to run a Rubio/Cruz ticket – see how far that can go.

  14. @Kevin,

    OK – I think I’ve fixed the error you are experiencing. Should work in the next update.

  15. I set Cruz’s Tax Rate to Far-Right, as it seemed the best fit. Feedback welcome on that.

  16. @Jonathan,

    “I think Huntsman and Santorum are just as likely to run as anyone already included in the game.”

    Thanks, I agree – will add them for the update after the next one.

  17. @Dallas,

    “Sarah Palin to the 2012 and 2016 scenario”

    Yes, I’ll add her to the 2016 scenario for the update after next. I’ll focus on 2012 a little later, we’ll see.

  18. @Josh,

    Thanks for the feedback!

    “one is able to use Web Ads to gain a significant amount of momentum cheaply and easily steal an election.”

    I’ve put this to the top of the list – will be changed fairly soon.

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