Release: President Forever 2016 v. 1.3.9 Test Release 1

President Forever 2016 v. 1.3.9 Test Release 1 has been released. This adds initial 2016 Huntsman, Santorum, and Palin leaders, expands the Editor to allow for vice-leader and initial party editing, fixes several bugs, and more.

This is a Test Release, not an official release. You can download a Test Release by requesting a re-download e-mail at the link below. When you receive the e-mail, you will have both a President Forever 2016 link and a President Forever 2016 Test Release link. You will want to download the file from the Test Release link.

Note: if you are a President Forever 2012 owner, you are eligible for this upgrade.

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66 thoughts on “Release: President Forever 2016 v. 1.3.9 Test Release 1”

  1. Great update! I am have a wonderful time playing as Sarah Palin. Are their any plans to add Governor Susanna Martinez, or Governor Nikki Haley any time soon?

  2. Feedback and suggestions on Contender Sarah Palin:
    Debating:3-4 instead of 2
    Poll numbers: Good
    Campaign Funds to start with:15,000,000 or 10,000,000 instead of 20,000,000
    Issue Familiarity: 3 instead of 2
    Platform: Good
    Experience: 3 instead of 2
    This is all I have at the moment. Keep up the good work!

  3. Keep up the good work! My only suggestion is to make it possible to use decimals so creating third parties in the future can be much easier and comprehensive. I also did notice a bug where if you scroll down candidates for some reason their home states do not scroll over. For example when I tried to go for Obama to Romney it the home state did not change from Illinois to Massachusetts. Other than that this is a great update!

  4. What about Michele Bachmann? Will she be added soon? I would like to experiment with a Palin/Bachmann or Bachmann/Palin ticket and see how far I can go.

  5. I love this game! Out of other political games that I have watched videos and read about, this is the best game in the market by far. Here are my results playing as contender Sarah Palin.

    I obtained victory playing as Palin while Cruz was my VP. Hillary Clinton and her VP Mark Warner was my opponent. Out of 538 electoral votes, I won 346 and Clinton won 192. Out of 128,717,478 votes, (nationally) I won 67,927,556 (52.8%) and Clinton won 60,789,922 (47.2%).

  6. On the Regional and National Endorsers screen, could the endorsers be separated into categories?

  7. Suggestion: could we see an option to opt-out of the party during the primaries? For example, Sarah Palin drops out and runs as an independent, or Rand Paul drops out and runs as a Libertarian. (after third parties are added)

  8. Huntsman should have a higher percentage in Utah. He’s Mormon and he is the ex-Gov. I also, would think he’d fare a little better overall.

    I think the percentages on Santorum and Palin are accurate.

  9. These are the remaining possible candidates that could be added as I see them:

    John Kerry
    Kirsten Gillibrand
    Deval Patrick
    Corey Booker
    Tim Kaine
    Rahm Emanuel

    Condoleeza Rice
    Rick Perry
    Rob Portman

    Possible 3rd Party:
    Gary Johnson
    Michael Bloomberg

  10. @Jonathan and Anthony. Nikki Haley, Allen West, Scott Walker, Susana Martinez, Michele Bachmann, and Mike Huckabee are very likely to run. and, Along with Jonathan’s suggestion for third parties, Jill Stein might run in 2016.

  11. I like the Green Party, but Jill Stein lacked a lot of knowledge on how the government worked. I seriously doubt she’ll be the choice. She botched that mostly unwatched 3rd party debate.

    I like running all the candidates. I wonder how CNN would hold a 16-person primary debate?

  12. I do not see that working out. I’m thinking of all the choices that can run in 2016, without going over hypothetical choices. For example, Herman Cain 2016, or Jan Brewer 2016 would be the over hypothetical choices. Also, many websites that have the possible contenders for the 2016 election, talks about Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Nikki Haley, and Susana Martinez running in 2016 on most of the sites I have seen. I see your point Jonathan, BUT I see 2016 as having so many options to choose from . Their are already Facebook pages, and websites dedicated to encourage these women to run. I don’t play all the candidates, but having so many options to choose from should not hurt ( in my opinion). I am not saying their is not enough options, I am pointing out the more contenders to choose from, the better.

  13. I agree that the more contenders to choose from is the better.

    @Anthony — can you make it possible to fastforward to the election if your candidate loses or chooses to withdrawl, rather than just have the game end? I’d still like to know who wins even if I end my campaign.

  14. @Jonathan,

    Thanks for the list of suggestions – do people really think Kerry might run again?

  15. ^ I agree that it would be fun, though. A question I have is, what sort of check would there be on a candidate doing this? Why *wouldn’t* they do it if it looked like they weren’t going to win their own party’s primaries?

  16. @Dallas, re: “What about Michele Bachmann?”

    She’s added in the latest internal as a Vice-Leader. Will probably be upgraded to a Leader at some point.

  17. @NVGonzalez,

    ” I also did notice a bug where if you scroll down candidates for some reason their home states do not scroll over. For example when I tried to go for Obama to Romney it the home state did not change from Illinois to Massachusetts. Other than that this is a great update!”

    Thanks – I’ll look into this.

  18. When will we see the next update released? There is a bug when trying to save the high score after playing as Palin. After I finished the general election and attempted to save the high score, a message showed with : floating point divison by zero. Then, it returned me back to the election night results.

  19. @Anthony

    Kerry is listed on wikipedia has a potential candidate but here are some websites that also mention it:

    I think he is more likely to run if Clinton does not, even if Biden runs. I’d argue that the chance of him running is as likely as Palin running. I didn’t think Kerry was a possibility until he became Sec of State. Depending on the situation, and how well he does in this position, he could become a strong candidate. Especially, if he outperforms Clinton.

    You could also, just for fun, add Romney; although, I think he’s less likely to run than Kerry.

  20. I have a question regarding of updates/update timetable. Will updates be released every Friday, or randomly released? I would like to know so I can take note of when to download newly released updates and provide feedback as soon as possible.

  21. I thought about a way you can male the choose when you enter the race and the campaign slogan idea to the game, when you select your character or characters and when you press the check mark to begin there could be a prompt to type your campaign slogan as well as date you would like to enter the race, while the computer characters choose at random their campaign slogan and entry date. And I believe the first day you enter the race there should be a positive news story and a boost of momentum for the first week. This is just an idea and I don’t know how easy it would be to do but its just an idea to add these two features to the game.

  22. Also can you make it possible to make the game where you can attack vice leaders in speeches and ads as well as making scandals on the vice leaders?

  23. @Anthony
    I have a comment awaiting moderation for some reason. It’s about John Kerry as a candidate.

  24. Nevermind my last comment. I don’t know how I never realized that they do have their own energy points. I guess I hardly ever use my VP.

  25. Suggestions for opt-out feature, events and Daily Political Times:
    Funds: no federal block
    Endoresers: add popular third party endorsers. Example, Jesse Ventura, Jill Stein, etc.
    Presidentail Debates: have to obtain a certain national percentage to debate. Example, 15%.

    Events and Daily Political Times:
    Add big rallies to the Daily Political Times (if big crowd attends). For example, Palin draws 20,000 people to a rally in Iowa. Ames Straw Poll, CPAC, and asked to speak at colleges could also be added too events and the Daily Political Time.

  26. Also, I think Roseanne Barr might run in 2016. She did in 2012 and I seen a status update from her that stated she will never give up on running for President…

  27. I don’t really see the point in create candidates that can’t win 1% of the vote. Gary Johnson didn’t even get 1%, but he is someone that is capable of getting 1%

    The Green Party is a party capable of getting 1% but they haven’t a candidate that is going to attract converts.

  28. @Dallas,

    “Will updates be released every Friday, or randomly released? I would like to know so I can take note of when to download newly released updates and provide feedback as soon as possible.”

    Typically, a new release happens at the end of the week, but sometimes things aren’t ready for a release at that point. To automatically be notified, you can sign up for the blog’s RSS feed.

  29. @Kevin re: entry dates,

    Noted – having news articles when a candidate enters a race is a good idea.

    Re: vice-leaders, we’ll see – noted.

  30. @Dallas,

    “Add big rallies to the Daily Political Times (if big crowd attends). For example, Palin draws 20,000 people to a rally in Iowa. Ames Straw Poll, CPAC, and asked to speak at colleges could also be added too events and the Daily Political Time.”

    This is a good idea – noted.

  31. What about creating some possible National or World events that might impact issues. In fact, maybe allow candidates to give a speech on the event.

    For instance, you could create several with a certain % chance occuring. Iran declares it has nukes, etc. This would massively raise Iran as a top issue.

    This would also make the replay value even greater.

    Also, how about, instead of having a General Issue Knowledge ability, how about also having ratings for specific knowledge. In this sense. If Iran possess a problem and a certain candidate is a foreign policy specialist, then that candidates momentum (or something) would increase.

    I also think there should be some bonus/deficit for a leader for each state in regards to a candidates race, religion and gender. And more demographic values for each state that would tie in with this.

    Candidates could try to campaign and focus on certain demographics as well. Campaigning in Spanish or at least campaigning in English in hispanic neighborhoods, etc.

  32. @Jonathan
    Gary did get 1% of the vote, and as for Roseanne Barr, I was joking, I mean the thought of her running makes me laugh…

  33. @Anthony, I know this is off the subject, but could you develop a simulator to focus on governor races? (suggestion for future games)

  34. I would like the ability, or the random chance, of a candidate running as a 3rd party candidate. Either someone not affiliated with the major parties, or someone affiliated with one of them. Perhaps tie it in with an event. If a major recession/depression occurs again, then the major parties would lack so much trust, that 3rd parties may gain some strength. They may not necessarily win, but they may be similar to the Independent Party in the 1980 election.

  35. @Jonathan Great idea, and third parties are gaining more strength the closer the next election, especially Independents. I too would like to see this ability.

  36. Bug Report:
    When I tried to save the highscore as Bush, a message pop up with ” invalid pointer operation” then sent me back to the election night screen.

  37. These are some suggestions on changes for some candidates:

    1) All the Democrats start with 10 million funds; most of the Republicans start with 5 million funds. Should they be equal?

    2) Sarah Palin starts with 20 million funds, easily the richest. I don’t think she’d start out with much more than any of the other candidates.

    3) If you have to have someone start out with the most funds, I’d pick Biden, as he’d presumably be running with Obama’s credentials, team, fundraisers, etc.

    4) I think Palin’s 15 PIPs is kind of high. I don’t think she is nearly as influential as she was a few years ago. You have Clinton and Biden as the only other 15 PIP people. I’d argue that Bush should have 15 PIPs, purely by family connections. I think Biden should have 20 because he’s the sitting VP.

    5) In 2012, Obama has 30 PIP and Romney has 20 PIP. I’m wondering why the PIP #s are lower for 2016.

    6) Additionally the starting off campaign strength numbers seem higher in 2012, too. No one compares to Obama or Romney in 2016.

    7) Corruption is set for 2 on everyone. What exactly would a 1 in corruption or 5 in corruption be?

    8) I think Clinton would be a 4 in leadership. Right now Palin has a 4 in leadership and Clinton has a 3. I think those should probably be switched around, based off of Clinton’s leadership experience.

    9) I’d argue that Rand Paul’s ground strength should start out at 3. He will have a lot of his father’s grassroots followers.

  38. I’d also probably go through and double check everyone’s stance on Same-Sex Marriage because a lot of politicians are changing their stance on it.

    Also, how about adding North Korea and/or Syria as an issue? You could make the Iran question, something that combines all three of these. Or at least make it Iran and North Korea, or make it a question about WMD proliferation.

  39. I’d really like to see counties implemented. Don’t know how hard that would be, but it would be a very nice feature.

  40. I think it should be impossible for someone with a Left-wing position on Same-Sex Marriage to win the Focus on the Family Endorsement. I created a Socialist candidate and he won that nomination, as well as the NRA endorsement.

  41. It’s been more than three weeks since the last update had released. When is the next update scheduled to be?

  42. I noticed that whenever I create a candidate, their Integrity is always reset by to 1, whenever I go back to edit them. In fact, even if I change the Integrity back to where I want it, it will be a 1 when I play as that candidate. It doesn’t do this with any of the other traits.

  43. @Jonathan re: integrity resetting to 1,

    Thanks for this – should be fixed in the next release.

  44. Anthony,

    Please add a recount option, I lost the election as Clinton, vs Ryan. After 3 hours playing I lost.

    Ryan 272. Clinton 266.
    Ryan won Ohio by only 201 votes.
    Clinton won popular vote 51,6% against 48,4% for Ryan.

    Add a recount option please, this is nonsense!

    Also the turn out is very low, fewer votes in every 2016 battleground than 2012.

  45. I forgot if I mentioned this before, but Julian Castro is listed as a “Major” instead of “Mayor”

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