Release: President Forever 2016 v. 1.3.9 Test Release 3

President Forever 2016 v. 1.3.9 Test Release 3 has been released. This expands the Editor to include a completed Endorsers Screen and adds Sen. Tim Kaine as a leader.

This is a Test Release, not an official release. You can download a Test Release by requesting a re-download e-mail at the link below. When you receive the e-mail, you will have both a President Forever 2016 link and a President Forever 2016 Test Release link. You will want to download the file from the Test Release link.

Note: if you are a President Forever 2012 owner, you are eligible for this upgrade.

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17 thoughts on “Release: President Forever 2016 v. 1.3.9 Test Release 3”

  1. Sometimes celebritys endorse. will that be included or would i have to create a scenario to do that?

  2. Thanks for the update. Glad to see Kaine in there.

    I noticed with the endorser screen, that Hilary Clinton isn’t listed as the decided candidate for Bill Clinton.

  3. Also noticed two more things.

    1) If I lose the primary, the game automatically asks if I want to continue playing as the person leading in the polls, even if that is myself, despite losing in delegates. Which again makes me want to allow for contested nomination as about anytime I lose, I end up leading in the polls despite losing in delegates. I think I could contest nomination or at least force a compromise choice that isn’t either of us..a la James Garfield in the 1880 election.

    2) I played a game as Joe Biden and came in 3rd. Warner and Kaine were ahead of me. They had me and Klobuchar drop out at the convention; yet, it said we had 0 delegates to add to either Kaine or Warner when we both had delegates. I had about 800 and could have decided in favor of Warner who was just behind Kaine. I’d like to see this fixed as well.

    I think contested parts in elections really keep the whole campaign interesting. The more tension the better.

    Also, I’d like to see the option of continuing as another candidate if the game is out of hand, rather than playing it out to the convention just to take over. Perhaps, allowing someone to drop out and then choose an active player.

  4. Something is wrong, I got 1040 delegates as Huntsman and Christie got 740. Everyone else dropped out before the convention. Jindal with 150 delegates endorsed me in April but Christie won the nomination.

  5. 1. The editor puts in scenario start dates in “MM-DD-YYYY” format when the files only accept “MM/DD/YYYY”. This means that one has to edit that in the scenario file. This becomes a nuisance as the editor sometimes bugs out and doesn’t read the date correctly, and refusing to save until something is put in, then requiring a file edit.

    2. Ads can be fun for free past expiration date, but they have to be turned on every turn. Kind of a game breaker.

  6. @Tayya,

    Can you tell me which region your Windows version is set to (somewhere in Europe, for example)?

  7. @Andres,

    Thanks – noted.


    Test Releases aren’t issued as demos – once a new official version is released, the demo is typically updated.

  8. @Lucas re: celebrity endorsements,

    In 2016, Donald Trump is a celebrity endorser. Basically, if an endorsement by a celebrity might make a significant difference, then I think it makes sense to include them. If you have specific ideas, suggestions are welcome.

  9. I don’t know if they would make a significant difference necessarily, I remember reading that in 2008, Hillary was endorsed by Cher, Tina Fey, and others. I guess that’s what I’m getting at, including them if they are either well known or major pop culture icons. For instance, Tom Hanks was named the most trusted man in America. Maybe he could be fit in somewhere?

  10. @Tayya,

    Got it – I think this is being affected by the Windows > Region > Short Date settings. This should be fixed with the next release.

  11. @Jake,

    I don’t know – it could be this week, or it could be in several weeks. It depends on various factors.

  12. How about adding something on endorser editor that sets what party/who that endorser will never endorse. I’ve had Focus on the Family endorse a fictional extreme left-wing candidate before, just because the candidate had a lot of momentum. Especially, Single-issue endorsers, would probably never betray their interest. Jim DeMitt would never endorse Warren, etc.

    Lastly, I think people who endorse candidates that dropped out should be free to endorse again, at least at the General Election. Bill Clinton would probably campaign for a Democrat even though he started off helping out his wife, if she lost.

  13. I’m thinking that along with the ideological rating that you might implement (to prevent Rand Paul from endorsing someone totally mainstream, etc), that you also include some rating that makes candidates more or less likely to drop out. I would probably make candidates stick it out longer–my own personal preference in the game.

    Here is my rationale. Right now I am playing a game. I’ve created Portman, Rice, Bachmann, Perry, Booker, Patrick, Gillibrand, Emanuel, Kerry, and myself (only so I can see how all the candidates play out under computer control). Because there are so many candidates, there isn’t a major leading candidate for any of the parties. It is still wide open, for everyone. However, after Iowa and New Hampshire, everyone is dropping out and endorsing Clinton or O’Malley even though they haven’t really done anything to warrant all this support. I can see both parties having something like this occurring after super tuesday.

    Another reason to implement this is that you’ll need it when older elections are created, especially c. 75 years ago and older. Generally the candidate is chosen at the convention rather than through the primaries; therefore, about everyone will go on until the very end. This way to make the older elections easier to create, you could set all these candidates at the maximum rating for “Staying in the race,” as in, they won’t drop out. I’d give Ron Paul a similarly high rating in any past elections that he is in. Someone like Herman Cain or Pawlenty would have an extremely low rating in this and may drop out before the first primary. It would allow for pre-primary drop outs, too.

    Just an idea.

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