7 thoughts on “Crowdsourcing: Susana Martinez 2016”

  1. She’s be rather centrist because she used to be a Democrat.

    She was born in Texas, she’s Hispanic. She’s probably be fairly low in most states, but competitive in California, Texas, Arizona, Nevada. New Mexico would be her best state with Arizona her 2nd best option. However, I don’t think she’s be the leading candidate even in her own state.

    This has some of her poll%: http://www.publicpolicypolling.com/main/susana-martinez/

    She is getting about 3%-1% nationally. She isn’t well known nationally. I’d give her 15% in New Mexico. 7% Arizona. 3% in other major Hispanic states and 1% elsewhere.

    She looks like the is center-right on everything except:
    Same-Sex marriage (arguably “right”)
    Energy (arguably “center-left”)
    Environment (arguably “center-left”)

    Despite being a Democrat, I don’t really see her left-leaning anywhere on the internet except energy and environment. She has basically no record on foreign policy.

  2. Agree that she’d be rather centrist, former Democrat and all.
    A few recommendations for her:
    Gun control (“right”)
    Heatlh care (probably “center”)
    So we’re adding Santorum, Palin, Huntsman, Kaine, and Martinez to the next edition?
    Some recommendations, Cuomo’s gun control position should be moved notably leftward (and maybe his father could be his surrogate?), and Paul should get more momentum than Bob McDonnell.
    I think contested conventions are a good idea to add to the game.

  3. Awesome – Martinez is now added for the next release.


    Cuomo’s Gun Control position moved Center-Left -> Left, and his father added as a surrogate.

  4. Will the new update be up?

    What will be included with the next big official update? Will it include a full election editor? When is the timetable for the completion of that? I’m itching to make some elections.

  5. The next update will be up once I’ve finished some changes on the format for the Highscores file and related functions. No, it will add some Issue functionality to the editor. I don’t know how long it will take to complete the editor – perhaps another month.

  6. I don’t know if you’ve done it yet, but could you fix the thing makes the player take over as the person with the highest poll# if the player fails to get the nomination?

    For instance:

    Clinton leads the poll
    Biden send in poll but has won the necessary delegation
    Player is 3rd place.
    After the convention it will say, “Would you like to take over as Clinton”?. Game closes because Clinton isn’t in the running anymore.

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