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Hey guys,

An update on what’s planned for the next bit. The editor will continue to be expanded, becoming a more full-fledged scenario editor. 2016 will continue to be expanded, including more leaders, vice-leaders, endorsers, and a third party. A few bugs in the game engine also will be top priority, in particular one that causes convention delegates not to be apportioned correctly sometimes. There also will be some new features that will be added to the game soon.

After another few weeks of development on P4E16, there will be a switch to PM4E Australia 2013 until that game goes from Beta to Official status. Then, it will be back to P4E16.

Thanks for your feedback!

24 thoughts on “What’s coming up next”

  1. A few points:

    1. I’d like to see a full campaign editor before your work on Australia. This way we can create some past elections while you are working on your other games.

    2. James Carter should probably be renamed as Jimmy Carter, because he’s never gone by James politically. Similarly to how Bill Clinton isn’t known as William Clinton.

    3. I don’t know if you meant George HW Bush to be George W Bush or not. I think the younger Bush is more likely to campaign than the wheelchair-bound father who will be 92 in 2016. I think the George W Bush stigma will wear off enough for the brother to help Jeb out. You could include both as surrogates, but I think Bush Sr wouldn’t campaign except in short stints.

    4. Planned Parenthood endorser has a typo in the description.

    5. How about Al Gore as an endorser? An environment-based endorsement.

    6. I think Colin Powell could be a centrist-endorsement.

    7. Michael Bloomberg could be a centrist-endorsement

    8. Kennedy Family could be a center-left endorsement.

    9. Bill Ayers for Fox could be a center-right endorsement.

    10. Warren Buffett could be an endorsement that brings cash

    11. Koch brothers could be an endorsement that brings cash

    12. George Soros could be an endorsement that brings cash

    13. Walton family (Wal-Mart) could be an endorsement that brings cash

    14. AIPAC, and other special interest groups could bring cash, PIPs, etc

    15. Gabby Giffords endorsement for the gun issue

    16. Rahm Emanuel, Howard Dean, Charlie Crist (Centrist), Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, Al Sharpton, Dick Cheney, Herman Cain, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jeb Bush, Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, Rupert Murdock, Ross Perot, Billy Graham could be further endorsements.

    17. George P Bush would probably campaign for his father Jeb Bush. George P Bush is likely to run for president himself in 2020 or 2024.

    18. If you make Rob Portman he would be center-right on about everything, but right on government spending and center-left on same-sex marriage.

    19. If you make Condoleeza Rice she’s probably be right on war on terror and military intervention, but center-right or center in many other things.

    20. If you make Michelle Bachmann you can just use her stances from the 2008 scenario.

    21. If you make Rick Perry you can just use his stances from the 2008 scenario.

    22. If you make Cory Booker, he would probably be center-left on about everything.

    23. If you make Deval Patrick, he would be Left on education, far-left on same-sex marriage, left on energey, center-left on guns, Left on healthcare, centrist on immigration, and probably center-left on everything else.

    24. Kirsten Gillibrand would be center-left on same-sex marriage, center-right on guns, center-right on taxes, centrist on healthcare, left on war on terror and center-left on military intervention, center-left on immigration

    25. Rahm Emanuel is left on gun-control, abortion, and same-sex marriage. Center-right on military intervention and war on terror. Center-right on Iran.

    26. John Kerry would probably be center-right on abortion, center-left on same-sex marriage, Kerry would be center-left on education, Left on energy and center-left on environment, center-left on war on terror and military intervention, center-left on guns, left on healthcare

  2. Powell, Crist and Bloomberg would be center-left. Chafee should also be put down as that for that matter. Bloomberg endorsement would revolve around guns probably and bring in lots of cash, or his Mayors against Illegal Guns group. Bill Ayers is certainly not center-right, he is on the far left.
    How did Gillibrand vote on the gun control legislation last month? She voted for both the background checks bill and the assault weapons ban. She’s not center-right on guns, she’s on the left.
    Portman was Bush’s budget director for a year. He would be center-right on government spending. He could be right on military spending. I think he’ll be left on gay marriage though.
    Rice should be center or center-left on immigration and center on abortion, but right on free trade, war on terror, and military intervention. Center-right on most things.
    Emanuel, Jeb and Palin are already candidates. They should be able to endorse if they withdraw though.
    Agree with most on Jonathan’s endorsement suggestions, but would add Newt Gingrich, Steve Forbes and Joe Lieberman.
    Karl Rove and Crossroads GPS could be a center-right endorsement than leans towards Jeb.

  3. Emanuel, Jeb and Palin are candidates, but they should be able to endorse even if they aren’t running.

  4. I think what I read on Gillibrand must have been slightly dated. She used to be a conservative Democrat.

    I disagree, Powell, Crist and Bloomberg would probably be more centrist. They used to be Republicans and only sort of reluctantly became Democrats, because their own part is kind of moving away from them. I think the three of them would probably be willing to endorse a more moderate conservative like Huntsman over the Democrats if he was a viable candidate. I think they’d endorse someone later in the process. They would take someone like Warren over Santorum, but they’d probably take Huntsman over Warren. I think they might take Huntsman over Clinton, arguably.

  5. I think I found a glitch. I created an endorser, which allows for a surrogate; however, the surrogate doesn’t show up when I am endorsed.

  6. If they’d endorse Clinton or Warren over say a moderate like Christie, they’re not centrists no matter what party they profess to have. Same as Zell Miller or a Democrat endorsing Santorum would still be conservatives, they would still be liberals.
    Lieberman would be a centrist though, in agreement with his party on most things but he’ll endorse a more moderate-right GOP candidate over his former party’s.

  7. We will let Anthony decide this, because I seriously disagree that Powell, Crist, or Bloomberg would be considered liberals. Maybe by Newt Gingrich or Rush Limbaugh or Ann Coulter, but they’re definitely wild cards. I’m a very liberal person and I’d like to say they were on my side.

    Crist didn’t become a Democrat until Dec 2012. He hosted the Republican Governors Association annual meeting just 4 years ago.

    I’d say Liebermann is more liberal than him, considering he was also the Democratic Vice Presidential nominee. They’re at least equally centrist.

    Powell and Crist mainly switched over because they complained that their favored party isn’t reaching a hand out to minorities. If they did, they’d probably switch back.

    Bloomberg is more of a liberal because he’s trying to retain his election in NYC. I’d argue he is more of a true independent with his issues going every direction, but he’d equal out to a centrist.

    Zell Miller is the most perplexing because he seems to have had a genuine switch-over. He isn’t citing one or two main issues with his former party, he seems to have just jumped over on everything. Although, I would assume he’d still be more centrist than other Republicans.

    To me these guys are centrist, or pretty darn close to it. Regardless, if they are made in the game, or not, I’ll probably edit them so that they are centrist endorsers.

  8. @Jonathan re: glitch,

    I’ve confirmed this. It seems to occur when an endorser is created with a surrogate who has the same id as another surrogate. For example, if you click ‘New’ with George H. W. Bush, it creates a new endorser with a unique id, but the surrogate has the same id as George H. W. Bush’s surrogate. I’ll fix this – in the meantime, just make sure when creating a new endorser from a base endorser that has a surrogate to set the new endorser’s surrogate’s id to something unique.

  9. @Jake re: next official release,

    The next official release (1.4.0) has occurred – demo release will follow suit, probably in a few days.

  10. Was this the official release you were talking about doing before you immediately jumped to your Australia game?

    I created George W. Bush. How do I make him automatically endorse Jeb Bush? I have him on “decided” for Bush, but he doesn’t endorse him right away and usually loses him to Christie.

    Also, I noticed you put Obama as a former president; although, he is the sitting president when the campaign is going on.

  11. @Jonathan,

    No, probably another official release before switching to PM4E Aus 2013.

    To make W. endorse Jeb to start, create a Surrogate for Jeb (on the Leaders Screen) with the same id as the W. endorser.

  12. Ok thanks!

    Oh, also I noticed that candidates can still have scandals after they’ve dropped out. Clinton dropped out in January and in February she got a scandal with the power of 9.

  13. When recreating old scenarios do you use any sort of software (MS Excel, for example) for the information? If so, I could try an help out in making some old scenarios. It might also help to just name all the governors/congressmen after their state and insert their names in later. I’m going to try and recreate either the 1968 election or 1860 election when the editor allows it.

  14. Hey guys, sorry if this is posted somewhere on the site but what is the full size of P4E16 , i’m not sure i have enough free memory on my computer. Thanks

  15. @Jonathan re: scenario creation,

    Yes, sometimes spreadsheets are useful. We’re a ways from focusing on scenarios like that right now, but when it happens I’ll be posting info here. The process right now is first, continue to expand the Editor, at the same time expand the 2016 scenario, then start to look at adding scenarios (probably starting with 2008 and moving backwards in time, so then 2004, then 2000, and so on).

  16. Don’t know at this point – depends on how implementation of new Editor features goes.

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