Release: President Forever 2016 v. 1.4.0

President Forever 2016 v. 1.4.0 has been released. For the 2016 scenario, it increases the strength of Rand Paul to reflect recent polling trends, adds Sen. Tim Kaine, Gov. Susan Martinez, Gov. Mike Huckabee, Gov. Jon Huntsman, Sen. Rick Santorum, and Gov. Sarah Palin as possible candidates, adds several endorsers, and adds several possible vice-leaders. It moves the candidate editor towards a scenario editor by adding Vice-Leader and Endorser Screens and initial Party and Issues screens, fixes several bugs, and more.

Note: if you are a President Forever 2012 owner, you are eligible for this upgrade.

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34 thoughts on “Release: President Forever 2016 v. 1.4.0”

  1. Ryan, Santorum, and Palin are all the same color orange. Huckabee and McDonnell are slightly different blues, but can get confused. Warner, Kaine, and Castro are all light blue.
    Give them different color schemes.

  2. No, I mean a re-election feature. For example, lets say Michele Bachmann was elected in the 2012 scenario. A few events pass, such as lowered taxes, balanced budget, etc. Then when you play the 2016 scenario, Instead of a double set of contesters, you could play as Michele Bachmann for re-election or one of the possible democrat contenders.

  3. I mentioned that awhile back. I went as far as wanting to start in the first presidential election and play them all out in order, and see how history changes.

  4. Also thinking that all the congress people, except maybe the centrists and more ideological congress people, should probably automatically endorse at the convention. This should be the same with the presidents and other surrogates. The newspapers and organizations would probably endorse automatically before the election as well, if they don’t already.

  5. @Jonathan,

    Probably have weekly Test Releases for a few weeks, then a new official release. Then switch to Australia.

  6. Also, editor doesn’t recognize “-1” as valid start or end date for endorsers.
    In addition, it doesn’t allow surrogates to be set to have no power for any value.

  7. A few things:

    1. Schweitzer is portrayed as being waaaaaaay too liberal. I think he’s left on every single issue. Schweitzer was, in fact, known for being a moderate democrat in a red state.

    A few changes to exsisting positions:

    Military Intervention-CL
    Role of Government-CL
    Tax Rates-CL
    Defense Spending-CL
    Same Sex Marriage-CL
    War on Terror-CL
    Gun Control-CR

    2. All the primary dates are off. Most states have their primaries on Sundays during the 2016 scenario, with Super Tuesday falling on a Sunday as well. It’s not a big deal, but it helps make the game feel more realistic.

  8. @Tayya

    Re: Nader on ballot,

    Thanks for this feedback – noted. It might be because Nader is the only candidate in the party .. are you modding a third party where he’s the only leader on the primary ballot in that region?

    Re: -1 as start or end date,

    -1 shouldn’t be a valid date. Are you saying you edit the XML files with -1 as a start or end date, and then the editor doesn’t work properly?

    Re: surrogates having no power,

    Minimum values for surrogates in any area is 1. Max. is 5.

  9. @Dallas re: multiplayer,

    You mean online multiplayer? It isn’t planned currently – it might happen.

  10. Re: Nader – yes, that is the case. I used the Libertarian Party of 2012 as a base, which you might have guessed.

    Re: -1 – well, some of the endorsers of the 270soft PF2012 scenario have -1 as their start/end date. AFL-CIO is one example, as are a couple of the newspapers.

    Re: Surrogates – It might just be the editor making some endorsers appear without a preset value.

  11. Got it – thanks for this feedback. These things should be fixed in the next update.

  12. @Jonah,

    Thanks for this – Schweitzer platform updated in latest internal.

    For primary dates, the problem is that we don’t know what those dates will be. Instead of trying to guess, my sense is to wait until legislatures start setting real dates. Feedback welcome on this, though.

  13. This is an amazing product. I think it will do well if sold at Wal-Mart, GameStop, etc..
    Once Nikki Haley is added, I plan to do a Martinez/Haley ticket. I am very excited for what is yet to come.

  14. @Jake re: colors,

    Thanks for this – I’ll look at those. As the number of candidates increases, it starts getting more and more difficult to find different color schemes for each one that is unique and works for contrast. The solution to this might be to implement a dynamic color system, we’ll see …

  15. None of the Senators who voted for gun control this year should be CR on it.
    This means Warner, Kaine, and maybe a few others who are playable should have their positions changed.
    Though if we added for instance Heitkamp of ND (I think it’s possible), she’d have a plausible stake to it.

  16. Haley should be 15-20% in South Carolina, 10-15% in other parts of the deep south, and 1-2% nationwide.

  17. I’d probably put her 10% in the deep south at the most. I think Rubio, Christie, Ryan, etc. still carry so much national weight right now that a lot of strong candidates don’t get much above 10%.

  18. Every time I try to start a user-created scenario, a error pops up with ” Access Violation at address ….. in module … When I tried to start this scenario in Congress Forever 2012 ( 2014 Arizona Special Election) the error mentioned above always pops up. Any suggestions on how I can fix this?

  19. Yeah I had the same problem as Dallas, my user-created scenario won’t start either. How can I fix this?

  20. @Dallas and Asanak,

    To clarify, are these errors happening in President Forever 2016 for scenarios created with the President Forever 2016 editor?

    If so, the way for us to figure out what is happening is for you for zip up (compress) the user-created scenario that is causing the problem, and then e-mail is to us ( ).

    I can then look at it, and fairly quickly figure out what is causing the problem.

  21. @Anthony theses scenarios are not created by the President Forever 2016 editor. The scenarios are created by members who use the product to create scenarios. One of the scenarios are the 2014 Arizona Special Election under the Senatorial section. I copied the file after I opened it, then pasted the file under the scenario file on Congress Forever 2012.

  22. @Anthony

    The scenario I am having problems with was made with the President Forever 2016 Candidate Editor. When the “creating game” box comes up an error message appears over it, reading:

    Access violation at address 00422C1B in module ‘p4e16.exe’. Write of address 00000048.

    Is this enough info to sort out the issue?


  23. @Asanak,

    No, that is a generic error message.

    If you want me to look at the scenario and determine the source of the problem, zip up (compress) the scenario that is causing the problem, and then e-mail it ( ).

    I can then look at it, and fairly quickly figure out what is causing the problem.

  24. @Jake re: Warner and Kaine on gun control,

    Thanks for this – do you have a link to a news article or summary of the bill and their votes?

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