Release: President Forever 2016 v. 1.4.1 Test Release 1

President Forever 2016 v. 1.4.1 Test Release 1 has been released. This expands the Editor to include the ability to edit Parties’ Primaries information, adds 4 new candidates (Mayor Cory Booker, Gov. John Hickenlooper, Gov. Scott Walker, and Gov. Deval Patrick), fixes several bugs, and more.

This is a Test Release, not an official release. You can download a Test Release by requesting a re-download e-mail at the link below. When you receive the e-mail, you will have both a President Forever 2016 link and a President Forever 2016 Test Release link. You will want to download the file from the Test Release link.

Note: if you are a President Forever 2012 owner, you are eligible for this upgrade.

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41 thoughts on “Release: President Forever 2016 v. 1.4.1 Test Release 1”

  1. To people who are modding scenarios,

    This version fixes a bug in the P4E16 editor. In previous versions, if you deleted a leader, and that leader is specified in an event’s conditions, then when the scenario is run it will cause an error.

    If you already have a scenario created where this is the case, you can fix it by:

    1. Opening the events.xml file in a pure text (such as Notepad) or XML editor.

    2. If there are any condition sections where there is a type=”who”, but no name, delete that condition section (so, from the condition until the /condition).

  2. Great update! Here’s a couple things I thought of:

    1. Shouldn’t Biden have 4 for Experience? If not 5? He ran for President twice, served as a Senator for 28 years, Chaired the Foreign Relations Committee, will have served as Vice President for eight year (something no one else who is running can claim) and as VP has solidified himself as one of the President’s best negotiators (See the Fiscal Cliff, for example).

    Biden perhaps has more experience than anyone than anyone else even thinking of running for office, yet in the 2016 scenario, Kolbuchar and Schweitzer are portrayed as having more experience than Biden. I think the 28 years in the Senate, let alone the ofifce of Vice President, warrant a higher experience ranking.

    2. Some of the colors are a little confusing. Santorum, Palin and Ryan all have the same color scheme, same with Martinez, Sandoval and Huckabee. It’s not a big deal, but it makes it easier to distinguish (if there are other colors).

    All in all, a fantastic update! The 2016 scenario is looking fantastic!

  3. I think Biden should also have more campaign strength overall. I think if he ran, even against Hillary, he’d have much of Obama’s campaign machine helping him out. He might not poll as well, but he’d have the machinery to try to catch up, if not become an actual threat. I think Jeb Bush is weaker than he should be as well. Other than that, I’m rather satisfied with how everyone is.

  4. Thanks for the feedback!


    Good point – Biden has been increased from 3 -> 4 for Experience in the latest internal.

    Re: colors, it’s a more general problem where we’re running out of easily distinguishable colors. I’ll think more on how to deal with this.

  5. @Jonathan,

    “he’d have much of Obama’s campaign machine helping him out”

    Can you say more about why you think this? Are you thinking key advisers and personnel (Axelrod, Plouffe) or something more general (access to databases, and so on)?

  6. im typing this on an ancient kindle. biden would likely have much of the databases and advisors. he would prob. have obama as he is the sitting president’s vp. how could he justify him as his vp for 8yrs and not support him.

  7. I don’t like Biden, but being that he was a Senator for 28 years and will have been Vice-President for 8, his experience is going to be very high. He’ll also have both Obama’s advisers and his databases at his disposal, not to mention his funds.

  8. Some of them are automatically set to computer, others to off. The so-called “frontrunner” is set to human.

  9. Anthony:

    When are we going to have a full-scenario editor (like the one for P4E08) ? The scenario editor will allow us to create new scenarios for other countries, cities and states and share them for the fans.

  10. @Andres,

    The editor continues to be expanded with each major release. In the latest internal, parties are basically all done. Once that’s done, I think the only major things left are regions and events. I don’t have a specific date when it will all be done, though.

  11. @Jonathan re: Cory Booker,

    Thanks for that – set ‘off’ by default in the latest internal.

  12. @Jonathan re: Biden and Obama,

    This is a good point. On the other hand, Obama could simply not endorse anyone in the primaries, saying he will let the party decide and then support the nominee, or something like that.

    Regardless, it would be nice to distinguish Biden from the other candidates vis a vis a potential endorsement.

  13. i am certain obama would campaign for biden. it would be too awkward for both of them if he didnt.

  14. @Jonathan,

    That sounds plausible, but consider: what if Clinton were also running? He would then have to choose between someone who (according to present polls) is significantly more popular, who’s husband was an important part of his re-election bid, and who was also a high-profile part of his administration.

    It seems his options would be: 1. Don’t endorse – “let party pick nominee.” 2. Endorse, but don’t campaign. 3. Endorse, campaign briefly or luke-warmly. 4. Endorse, campaign significantly.

  15. I think Obama would probably endorse Biden, because he kind of has to, but not really campaign until it has been decided between Clinton and Biden. Also, if Clinton didn’t run, but Biden did, then Obama would definitely endorse Biden from the beginning. If Clinton ran, but Biden didn’t, I still don’t think Obama would endorse her right away.

    I don’t think he can wait and see with Biden. He picked him twice as his VP. Every past president in the modern era has endorsed his VP, if the VP ran. Clinton endorsed Gore, but didn’t campaign only because Clinton had his scandals.

    Imagine the odd situation of Obama not publicly endorsing Biden? That would instantly ruin Biden’s chances if the sitting president that works with Biden doesn’t think he’s presidential material. Also, if he doesn’t support Biden, what does that say about Obama picking him as his VP? Biden is his successor if something happens to Obama.

    Besides, Obama isn’t up for reelection. He doesn’t have to worry about whether Clinton is doing better in the polls.

    I’d probably put him at automatically endorsing Biden. I’d then, if possible, have Obama endorse whoever the candidate is at the convention, if Biden drops out.

    Remember, Biden is still the sitting VP during all of this. He has to work with him on almost a day-to-day basis. Could they keep working together if Obama doesn’t give Biden his support?

    I think it would be bad press for both men if Obama doesn’t endorse Biden. It would hurt Clinton somewhat, but if she’s the popular choice then she’d still win even with Obama endorsing Biden. She still has her husband and her fans.

    It’s a unique situation for sure, but the more I think about it, Obama has to endorse Biden, if Biden runs. He may not run, he’s “off” on the game.

  16. “Biden is still the sitting VP during all of this. He has to work with him on almost a day-to-day basis.”

    This is a good point. I’ll probably either make Obama an initial surrogate of Biden’s, or introduce a new starting endorser level so Biden is distinguished from the other Democratic candidates.

  17. Hi Anthony, thanks for the update. I was just wondering about three possible additions:
    1. Allowing us to edit the Electoral Votes allocated to each state in the Candidate Editor, so as to create more realistic historical scenarios.
    2. Allow for the creation for new, additional parties in the Editor (at the moment one can only “replace” established parties).
    3. For the election night screen, is it possible to make the “Election Call” occur earlier? At the moment the election is only called once all votes have been counted.


  18. Speaking of events, I’d like to see more events in the news that help develop the election (economic crises, foreign relation crises, economic boost, end of a war). For instance, if things with Iran escalate (fictional future event with a 5% chance of occurring, for instance) then the Iran issue becomes more important, and maybe something else decreases in importance. This is also where I’d like to see Issue Knowledge compartmentalized to each of the political platforms. For instance, let’s say Candidate A has a 5 in the Iran issue and Candidate B has a 2 in the Iran issue. Candidate A is losing marginally to Candidate B in the polls. Then an important event regarding Iran occurs and the issue becomes Very Important. Candidate A would then receive a books from undecided voters and independents, possibly even taking voters from the other party. Just an idea.

  19. @asanak,

    Thanks for this feedback, 1. and 2. are basically the next things on the to-do list, and should be added soon.

    3. is also on the to-do list, but it isn’t a priority right now.

  20. @SANC,

    Thanks for this – declaration times will probably be added to the editor at the same time as EVs. Events probably won’t be for a bit.

  21. @Jonathan,

    Making an Issue Familiarity for each issue would be more realistic, but it would also make the game more complex. Perhaps there could be a general Issue Familiarity rating, and then a candidate could work on bonuses for particular issues (or, similarly, come with bonuses for particular issues – so, in 2008 Palin might have a 2 for IF, but a +1 for the Energy issue, say). This would then be tied into interviews and debates, and perhaps even ads.

    I’ll think about it.

  22. Yeah, the bonuses on an issue is a good idea. I think some people might have whatever would be the opposite of a bonus. For instance, many of these people are probably really weak on foreign policy but strong on domestic and economic issues.

  23. For issue familiarity, how about breaking it down into three: economic policy, social policy and foreign policy. Economic would include (obviously) taxes and government spending, social would include same-sex marriage, abortion and gun control, foreign policy would include military intervention and war on terror. Then they’d be a number of crossover issues. Healthcare is both an economic and social issue, free trade is both an economic and foreign policy issue, etc.

    For example, Hillary Clinton and John McCain should probably both be at 5 in foreign policy but somewhat lower in the other two. Sarah Palin should be very low in foreign policy but average in economic and social. The amount each candidate knows about the three policy areas would determine their effectiveness on the issues under those three areas.

  24. 1)Has anyone tested on a mobile platform? If so, what are you using?

    Would love to be able to play on a tablet or mobile device.

    2) Any thought to adding Mitt Romney as an endorser in 2016? Time will determine his value, but he seems to have continual involvement and relationships with many off the contenders.

    3) Would it make sense to add George W. Bush as a surrogate for Jeb Bush. I know he didn’t participate in 2012, but if his brother were to run, you would believe he would be out there, as some would see it as a referedum on his presidency.

  25. Kevin,

    I agree with your Romney and Bush suggestions. GW Bush would definitely help his brother out, especially since his approval rating seems to be rising after he left office (somehow).

    Also, Romney had enough supporters who genuinely thought Romney was a good choice for president. Therefore, someone will look for Romney’s endorsement. I also wouldn’t mind a “what-if” scenario in which Romney declares his candidacy again. Although, I seriously doubt that would happen. Romney may lean Ryan on an endorsement.

  26. It actually makes a lot of sense that his approval rating would go up. People always have this rose tinted view of the past regardless of how it really was, like when Brian Lenihan died all of a sudden people saw him as some sort of hero where before they saw him as utterly useless (even Vincent Browne paid tribute to him in spite of calling the government he was part of the worst in the history of the state, he wasn’t the only one either.) And don’t get me started on the 1980’s whether in my country or the US.

  27. Hi anthony, thanks for the latest update, playing through now and looking good.

    one thing i have been thinking about for a while (though maybe completely unrealistic) is whether the game (or these types of games – ie new ones) could have some form of ability to record a macro (record specific combination of keys) to automate repetitive time consuming tasks.

    for example in my current game, i am spending a lot of time, deleting 2 adds every turn, starting another 2 and then starting the creation of another two. I am doing this every turn and it starts to get quite boring. If i could record a macro to a user defined button it would be great.

    this could also be useful when dealing with surrogates and setting where adds will run (this game i am using web adds, so no need, but often i run tv adds in the same 20-30 regions (all the cheap ones for overall momentum). This can also be very time consuming and repetitive, ie two adds every 5 turns.

  28. I’ve noticed a few things with the editor; I created a new scenario but blanked the scenario description and primary description then saved it and when I went back to fill them in there was an error message every time I even clicked on the bars where they go. Also if you select the non-elected endorsers (AFL-CIO and all them) you get an error message saying ” is not a valid integer file.

  29. Sorry, that 2nd thing applies to all scenarios and 1912 gives out an error message no matter what you do.

  30. @SANC,

    Thanks for this – I’ve confirmed the bug when the scenarios descriptions are set to blank. This probably affects other parts of the scenario editor as well.

    I’ve also confirmed the second error message- it’s due to dates being set as -1, which is strange because I went and removed all the -1’s from the dates. I’ll look into this, thanks again.

  31. @SANC,

    “:Sorry, that 2nd thing applies to all scenarios and 1912 gives out an error message no matter what you do.”

    Can you be more specific on this – what is the thing that applies to all scenarios? Does 1912 give an error in the Editor, or when you start the game?

  32. Game breaking bugs:

    1. Crashes at a convention, both for my scenarios and the 2016 scenario.
    2. I think I reported this before – ads can be restarted for free past the expiration date.

  33. The selecting the AFL-CIO and so on is what applies to all scenarios though maybe not 2016 but I think it does for that as well. 1912 gives an error when editing but it plays fine at least in the first turn, I can’t really be bothered to play it because it’s far from finished and hugely unbalanced as a result.

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