6 thoughts on “Crowdsourcing: Antonio Villaraigosa 2016”

  1. From Politico and On the Issues:

    Antonio Villaraigosa would be left on everything except:

    Government Spending-CL or C
    Free Trade-CL or C
    Education-CL or C

    Leadership-3, Integrity-2, Experience-2, Issue Familiarity-3, Charisma-3, Stamina-4, Debating-3.

    Percentages would probably be 1% in most states. It’s hard to honestly have him tied with Schweitzer or Booker or even Castro. He’s a Mayor, and while he did chair the DNC, his speech didn’t get the attention that other Mayors did (Like Cory Booker or Julian Castro) and while those Mayors are viewed as politicians of integrity, Antonio Villaraigosa’s ethics violations and charges of nepotism make him less likable. Maybe 5-10% in CA, 2-5% in Nevada, Arizona.

  2. Yeah, he would be at the bottom of the polls at the beginning. He would be Far Left on Gay Marriage, he’s considers it a fundamental right according issues.

  3. Based off of on the issues and wikipedia:

    Energy and environment: left
    Free trade: center right
    Immigration: left
    Tax rates: center right
    Education: center left
    Same sex marriage: left
    military expansion: center right
    Gun control: left

  4. I would keep Antonio Villaraigosa with at least Center or Center Left for Taxes. Not only did he raise various city taxes and fees, but he also lobbied hard for 4 different tax increase ballot measures. It’s hard to tell what he would be for on a State or National level, but he’s given no indicator that’d he’d lower taxes, other than his Business Tax Holiday mentioned at On the Issues.

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