40 thoughts on “What Republicans or Democrats are you most excited about in 2016?”

  1. I’ll name one for each party. Some are longshots.

    Democrat: Dennis Kucinich (who probably won’t run). I would like to see John Kerry added, though. You also haven’t added Alan Grayson yet.

    Republican: Jon Huntsman. He’s in the game already. I’d like to see Condoleeza Rice added.

    Libertarian: I really don’t like anyone in this party; however, judge Napolitano would be a good option to add. He’s likable.

    Green: Almost anyone but Jill Stein, she is not a strong candidate, as much as I like her. I’d like to see Al Gore, or someone with stronger connections and political ability take this on. Noam Chomsky? Bernie Sanders?

    Independent: Michael Bloomberg

  2. @Jonathan, I disagree with your statement about Jill Stein. She achieved the federal matching funds goal, which no other Green Party candidate has done since Ralph Nader, and she got on the ballot in 85% of the states. That sounds like a strong candidate to me. I would love to see her, Roseanne Barr, as well as Cynthia McKinney for the Green Party candidates.

    For the Republicans, Nikki Haley and Michele Bachmann, possibly Allen West would be good options to add.

  3. I definitely don’t dislike her. I guess I was seriously disappointed in how she performed in the 3rd party debate. I didn’t like any of those other parties and I think she performed the worst. She didn’t seem to really know how an amendment is created, if I remember correctly. However, maybe she’s a better administrator than a debater. I like Barr and McKinney, but Barr wouldn’t be taken seriously and McKinney kinda has a conspiracy theorist tag on her, which isn’t going to win some people over that don’t like conspiracy theorists. I’d probably take Stein over those two. I’d take Ralph Nader over any of these though.

  4. @Jonathan, last election, Barr came in 6th place, and she got 50,000 voted from 3 states. That is amazing coming from 3 states, and had more people learned that she was running, she would have possibly came in 5th, before Virgil Goode. Many people look at Barr as a alternative to the repubcrats. I think that makes her unique, because she is not a part of the sheep that blindly supports those like McCain, Rubio, Obama, and Hillary Clinton. ( I mean no offense to anyone that supports the mentioned Republican and Democrats, this is coming from a Libertarian perspective.)

  5. I hope I’m not being mean about this but who’s a member of any party deserves whatever’s coming to them. In the quest for votes the whole thing just leads to bias and constant partisan bickering to the point where you can’t search for hardly anything without someone accusing the Republicans of oppressing women (the definition of oppression seems to change every time women get to do more things) or Obama of being the Antichrist (I thought the Antichrist was a horse?) in a democracy and in an autocracy it leads to one group of people just doing whatever they please. I’m not an anarchist, I just think the leader of a country should be an individual and not somebody who’s just another flag bearer for his/her organisation.

  6. You know, I think 2016 should be woman’s time. Beside Hillary Clinton, I am pretty excited about Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand. She’s charming and I can see the potential presidency in her.

    In the right side, I want to see Hispanic candidate (well, except Marco Rubio). It will help to solve their demographic problem.

  7. Do you mean candidates that haven’t been added yet or any at all? I suppose I’ll answer both.


    Most excited about: Gov. Schweitzer, (Future) Sen. Booker ;), Mayor Castro and Vice President Biden.

    Should be added: Senator Gilibrand.


    Most excited about: Gov. Bush, Sen. Rubio, Gov. Martinez and Gov. Jindal.

    Should be added: Sen. Ayotte, Gov. Haley and Gov. Perry.

  8. Yeah, Gillibrand and Perry should definitely be added, too.

    I personally like Rosanne Barr, but she probably wouldn’t convince a lot of people to vote for her because she doesn’t have political experience. What the Green Party needs is someone who is, or has been, a mayor, governor, congresssman, or VP. Al Gore as a Green Party candidate would be amazing; although, he has said many centrist things before.

  9. I’m a fan of Rocky Anderson, former Justice Party candidate. If he runs again, I may vote for him. In my opinion, he was the most presentable of all the third-party candidates this past election season.

    On the right side of the political spectrum … I don’t know. I’m not really excited by any of the potential republican candidates. I wasn’t this past season, and I’m not now.

    I don’t know. If Wyden runs, he’ll get my vote, but it’s unlikely that he does.

  10. I think Wendy Davis should be added to the list (the woman who didn’t sit down) as a presidential or at least a vice presidential candidate that could put Texas in the blue column.

  11. I’m a Wendy Davis fan, but I don’t think she’d be an option until 2020. She’s a state congress person. Generally, unless it is a 3rd party, you are only going to see Governors, VPs, and US congress people. She needs to make it as a US Senator or US Rep or governor, at the very least, a mayor.

  12. I’d probably increase Ted Cruz’s poll# he we is doing a little better in the pollls. In fact, he won one poll. I think it was called the White House Dossier Poll. I wouldn’t increase him significantly, though.

  13. Among candidates not added:

    Democrats: Kirsten Gillibrand, Howard Dean

    Republicans: Condolezza Rice, Nikki Haley

    Others: Michael Bloomberg

  14. Bloomberg might start off at a disadvantage, but if he ran he’d have a ton of money like Perot had, and he might actually win some Electoral Votes. I’d like to see him run just to see what he proposes.

  15. Governor Mike Pence of Indiana has the potential to unite all the competing factions of the Republicans. He’s Conservative enough to win the primary and Charismatic enough to survive in the General. He should definately be added to the scenario.

    I hear Rahm Emanuel is strongly considering a bid. He would be a very strong fundraiser and also potentially be the first Jewish President. He should be added to the scenario as well.

  16. ^Given the fact that he’d be 73 upon taking office, I find it unlikely. But, I suppose with Biden and Hillary very possibly running, anything is possible.

    As someone who thought politics were at their most entertaining (and enlightening) in the Clinton-Gingrich days, I must say, his presence in the race would be quite exciting, though I think it’s a virtual impossibility.

  17. I don’t agree with much of what Gingrich says, but I think he’s generally the most intelligent person to listen to among the opposition (Huntsman is equivalent). I think the fact he has a PhD in History makes him interesting to listen to when talking about politics.

  18. I know environmentalism is kind of his thing, but why would the Green Party nominate Al Gore as their candidate? He was the guy Nader was running against in 2000, saying both parties are one in the same. The people in that party would see that as a sellout and a hijacking by the establishment.

  19. I think that you should remove Sen. Cruz from the list of presidential candidates because he was born in Calgary (Alberta)

  20. Cruz is eligible to be president because his mother was born in the US. This is the same clause that allowed Mitt Romney’s father to run for president. Similarly, McCain was born in Panama and ran against Obama. Many accuse Obama of being born in Kenya; however, even if he were he would be eligible because his mother was born in the US.

  21. Roseanne Barr would bring the much needed attention to the Green Party. I assume this because she was the star of Roseanne, and allot of people like Roseanne or at least seen her interviews of her stances on the issues. If those people heard that she was running, a majority of them would support her and here is my reasoning on why I say this. Like I mentioned before, she is well-known for the Roseanne, two, people that have never voted before and are tired of Republicans and Democrats look at her as an alternative. I took the time to go to Roseanne for President 2012’s Facebook page, and reading the comments, many people said “I did not vote until I voted for Roseanne in the 2012 election”, or something similar. She may have no experience, but she at least knows what is going on. Anthony, please consider adding her. It would be quite interesting to see her implemented.

  22. Rick Perry is making a comeback in Texas polls according to PPP in the latest round of polling for governor he would beat Wendy Davis, Julian Castro, Bill Ehite , and Mayor Parker owith the closest race being Perry vs Castro which he would win by 7 poimts . His approval rating has also risen 8 points in 6 months, and he is expected to make an announcement of his future plans on Monday. I would be excited to see him run again this time not right after back surgery. But I am even more excited on seeing if Ted Cruz will run!!!

  23. I really recommend Jill Stein and Roseanne be added as the Green Party candidates in the next release.

  24. My dream ticket for the Republic party in 2016 is ultimately between two: Christie | Martinez and Thune | Ayotte.

    Im not terribly interested at this point who the ticket will be in 2016 for the Democratic party because, at the moment, I am convinced that Hillary will run. If she runs I see Gov Hickenlooper being a strong VP candidate. If Hillary does NOT run? I will be curious which woman/women decide to run.

  25. I would like to see Rick Santorum run again. I don’t think his chance of winning would be all that great, but I like what he stands for.

  26. Then again, many said that Santorum would not win anything in 2012, yet he came in second in the primaries. Maybe he would surprise people in 2016 if he decided to run.

  27. I’d second Mike Pence as a Republican candidate. Also, maybe Ron Wyden of Oregon would be a good addition as the anti-national security state Democrat.

  28. If Hillary doesn’t run, I feel that the most formidable Dems could be Gillenbrand, Klobachar, Cuomo, Booker, and Castro. If Hillary runs then, a Clinton/Castro ticket would be unbeatable.

    I still highly doubt Christie or Rubio could win the primary. Although the more likely of the two at the moment seems to be Rubio. Christie would be portrayed as the guy that got too “buddy buddy” with the president in the run up to the 2012 election. Although, that kind of stuff would bode very well for him in the general. Right now I see the most likely Republican nominees to be Bush, Cruz, or Paul. Cruz would bring up an interesting double standard as he was not actually born in the US (the birther’s criticism of the POTUS) even though he was born to an American mother. While none of those three would stand a chance against basically any Democrat, that is likely where the Republican party is going.

    If for some reason Rubio or Christie were to become the nominee, I would not at all be surprised to see Bachmann or Paul make a serious 3rd party run, basically ensuring a Democratic President for the next 8 years.

  29. The next eight years? Even if they won there would still likely be an election after that, and it’s been a long time since the last time a party was in power for 16 years straight.
    Obama has become quite unpopular with independents and many people, so I don’t know how Christie being close to him would help him in the general. Being linked to Bush wouldn’t help a person either, and I think people would get weary of electing another Bush in the person of Jeb.
    I think Hillary might pick Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley as her running mate.
    Maybe Karl Rove’s organization Crossroads GPS could be an endorser in the Republican primary? They would be partial to Bush or Rubio.

  30. Democrats can elect candidates their base is behind. Republicans elected people in the last two elections their base didn’t want, and they both lost.
    Bush would be unelectable.
    I think Paul would be able to beat Biden or Cuomo. Hillary? Maybe. It would be hard.

  31. Rick Perry has recently cracked the door on another presidential run, however today I think he has opened the door about 3/4 of the way open for another run for the white house, y’all might consider adding him as a potential candidate

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