10 thoughts on “Switching gears”

  1. Is the election date going to remain at September 14 for the early release as Rudd hasn’t said when he’ll call for the writ? Also will what parties will be included?

  2. @ScottM,

    If Rudd changes it, then it will change. Until then, the provisional date will be September 14.

    All the major parties – Lib, Lab, Nat, Green, probably Katter’s.

  3. I just thought of a great gameplay feature. When it comes to debates, could you make a debate background with the picture of the moderator, on one side, and the candidate that is being called on a picture of he or she on the other side and include several options for a response? For example. I am in a Republican Presidential Debate in Arizona, playing as Sarah Palin. On the left side is the Moderators name and the pic underneath, and on the other side is Sarah’s name and a pic of her underneath. The moderator asks Sarah: what is your plan to create jobs? and As Sarah, a number of choices Is provided. One for a very liberal response, one for a democrat response, one for a centrist response, one for a republican response, and one for a very republican response. and Based on what your pick of response, you could have the audience clapping sound in the background, or a audience booing sound in the background. The other computer controlled candidates would pick a random response, or a response closes to their political affiliation. I am not sure if you could add this or if it would take a whole new engine to do that. Just something interesting that came to me.

  4. Adding to Dallas’s idea, a response that differs from your political orientation should have a chance of scandal – after all, you may have just flip-flopped.

  5. and Could you change how candidates win debates? Instead of a debate skill, could you replace it with a who won the debate poll?

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