12 thoughts on “President Forever 2016 for Mac?”

  1. Have you thought about porting P4E16 to Linux? I would start their and then work on Mac. I think more people use Linux then Mac since from what I heard, Linux is free.

  2. @Dallas,

    We’re considering Mac first. If that happens, then after that we might consider other OS’s.

  3. I REALLY hope you do P4E16 for Mac. When I had PC, LOVED your games … now I can no longer enjoy them! Do this … soon!

  4. I would love to have both 08 and 16 available for i phone! There are some that are fans of the old engine

  5. I would love a Mac port. Right now I have to load up boot camp to play. Also an iPhone/iPad version would be nice as well.

  6. I would love to be able to play on Mac. I had the 08 version on PC but now own a Mac and would love to be able to buy this.

  7. Please. You guys have been considering adding a Mac version for literally years now. Just be honest and say no. I gave up waiting for the Mac edition after you guys said the same thing in 2010. Three years later…same reply.

  8. @JT,

    Thank you for this feedback. You are right that we have certainly responded to questions about a Mac version before by saying we wanted to do one, but we have never take this step before.

    Given the response so far, more info on the next step will be available in about a week.

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