Release: Prime Minister Forever – Australia 2013 v. 1.4.6 Beta

Prime Minister Forever – Australia 2013 v. 1.4.6 Beta has been released. The Candidate Editor and Endorsers now work properly, Highscores now work with coalitions, you can now view individual districts on election night, various changes have been made to the 2013 scenario, and several bugs were fixed.


– Everything should be working in the game and Candidate Editor. The major things left to add are local candidate names and 2PP mode. Feedback welcome!

– If you installed PM4E Australia 2013 before v. 1.4.5, you might have a 2010 scenario show up that will not work. To fix this, delete the 2010 scenario (by using your File Explorer), or leave it.

Note: if you are a Prime Minister Forever – Australia 2010-13 owner, you are eligible for this upgrade.

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12 thoughts on “Release: Prime Minister Forever – Australia 2013 v. 1.4.6 Beta”

  1. Wow, this looks excellent Anthony.

    One thing I was wondering about is the Independent candidates- I know this must be hard to engineer in a party-based system, and that it’s probably much easier to just include all Independents in Katter’s Australian Party, but this does make things quite unrealistic. For example, the current Independent member for Denison is Andrew Wilkie, a staunch social progressive who is diametrically opposed to Katter’s conservative, rural party politics- yet the (currently) unnamed Independent in Denison, who will presumably be updated as Andrew Wilkie, is listed as a KAP member. Any way to fix this, and maybe include an Independent (Leftist) party?

  2. The editor shows an error message while editing leader and party ID’s, but the edits work. Ballot access is also not updated properly.

  3. @Asanak,

    Thanks for the feedback!

    The plan is to move Wilkie to another party – perhaps a catch-all ‘Independents’ party, or a specific ‘Independent – Wilkie’ – we’ll see. Feedback welcome on which way to do this.

  4. In regards to the PUP, Clive Palmer could have some effect in Fairfax, although that’s looking quite unlikely.

    Also of note is Cathy McGowan, and independent running against Sophie Mirabella in Indi who will certainly at least come second in the primary vote, and could win the seat.

  5. I’ve noticed since the update that other scenarios won’t properly load even after updating the scenarios file. How do i need to configure it to play other scenarios?

  6. Nevermind, I didn’t read it closely enough. Will the other scenarios work again once the 2PP mode is added?

  7. @ScottM,

    PM4E Australia 2013 now uses the latest game engine, including significant changes to the XML. The most straightforward way to port from pre-v.1.4.5 to the current is to use the Editor once any bugs have been ironed out. The Editor for PM4E Aus 2013 will also probably continue to be expanded, allowing for more easy porting.

  8. Another thing Anthony (and you may already be aware of this) but in Queensland the Liberal and National parties have actually formally combined into the Liberal National Party.

  9. @Asanak,

    Yes, thanks for this. I don’t think it makes sense to add another party (“Liberal National”) into the coaltion – so the candidates in Queensland are sorted into either Liberal or National for now. Further feedback on this welcome.

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