Release: Prime Minister Forever – Australia v. 1.4.7

Prime Minister Forever – Australia 2013 v. 1.4.7 has been released. This is the first official release.


– Local candidate names are to be added.
– High-profile independents are to be added.
– If you installed PM4E Australia 2013 before v. 1.4.5, you might have a 2010 scenario show up that will not work. To fix this, delete the 2010 scenario (by using your File Explorer), or leave it.

Note: if you are a Prime Minister Forever – Australia 2010-13 owner, you are eligible for this upgrade.

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If you don’t already have Prime Minister Forever – Australia 2013, you can order here and immediately get the Beta:

8 thoughts on “Release: Prime Minister Forever – Australia v. 1.4.7”

  1. Considering the Palmer United Party’s performance in the election, perhaps it would be wise to include them as a new party in the next release?

    At the moment they’re tracking at about 6% of the national vote (certainly much more significant than Katter’s 1%) and Clive Palmer looks likely to be elected to his seat of Fairfax.

  2. I have just bought the game, everything is ok but I was disappointed to 2PP. Instead 2PP is 5PP. For example, in the “2PP” are the results of the five parties instead of the two parties. In the last elections, LPA won 53% and the ALP won 47%. In the game LPA gets 52%, the ALP gets 38%, the Greens gaining 11% and so on.

  3. @Kamil,

    Preferential votes are done on a seat by seat basis, and a party such as the Greens will have a % if they are winning or tied in a seat.

  4. Preferntial vote should be divided on seat by seat and on national, I could then see the results of the regional and national level

  5. Thanks for your feedback on this – noted. You’re right that have just the two major parties on a national or regional level would make it more like a number that is often reported by news outlets.

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