Release: President Forever 2016 v. 1.5.0

President Forever 2016 v. 1.5.0 has been released. For the 2016 scenario, it adds 1 new party (Green), a possible Bloomberg Independent candidacy, modifies Republican primary percentages (including strengthening Ted Cruz), adds Rep. Peter King (the first officially declared Republican candidate), continues to expand the Campaign Editor, fixes several bugs, includes a new Offers Screen GUI, and more.

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22 thoughts on “Release: President Forever 2016 v. 1.5.0”

  1. Some bug reports:

    – The offer screen prompts me to confirm I want to cancel the deal, even if no actual offers have been made.
    – Stein and Bloomberg get the NM bonus they shouldn’t have
    – Rep. King has Thune’s descriptions
    – Convention still allocates 0 delegates on candidate withdrawal
    – Sen. Lee is not actually added to the candidates as VP choices
    – An oldie – Jim Gray has no picture. He has one on his slightly hidden wiki page,

    I’d suggest Angus King as a Bloomberg VP.
    Jindal’s approval rating has apparantly hit rock bottom. He should robably be weakened a lot, possibly turned off. He came fourth in a PPP poll a couple of months back, IIRC.

    More to come. Great job overall.
    You do need more colors though – though I understand it’s not easy when you have so many candidates. Grey, turquoise, maroon are still available, for example.

  2. Great update, overall!

    However, I just spacebarred through an election (Green set as “human”). The game wouldn’t advance after i told it to fast forward to the general election. It would just pop up the newspaper screen without moving on.

    Also, I don’t understand why the Democratic Party always seems to have a massive meltdown in November/December during the primary section. Generally they fall 10% below Republicans and lose all the states except like NY, RI, HI, and MD. Also, Clinton is beating every Republican candidate in most of the states. Although this could change, I think the Democratic party should start at a greater advantage in the primaries; especially, if Clinton is set “on”.

  3. @Tayya,

    Thanks for this – all fixed in the latest internal, except:

    “Convention still allocates 0 delegates on candidate withdrawal”

    What do you mean by this?

  4. @Jonathan,

    Thanks for the feedback on the fast-forward – I’ll look into it. Re: Dem meltdowns, I don’t know. I’ll keep an eye out for it.

  5. @Anthony,

    When a convention is held and no candidate has a majority, the candidates not in the top two will drop out, right? When they drop out, the game assumes they don’t hold any delegates and the candidate with the plurality of delegates before the convention will always win.

    Also, the delegate bars below the map gets odd when a candidate withdraws without endorsing.

  6. Has King already declared a run for President? I’ve heard he’s looking into it but Wikipedia doesn’t say he’s running yet.

  7. So King’s announced he’s running for President.
    If someone’s running, don’t they first have to file their bid with the FEC? Has he officially filed with them? Usually they also make an exploratory committee a week or two before jumping into the race although it’s not necessary.

  8. When I tried downloading this version…I got this message from Internet Explorer. “The signature of p4e16_v150.exe is corrupt or invalid, and it is preventing me from downloading this version. Is anyone else having this problem? and When can we expect to see Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and Governor Nikki Haley added to the 2016 scenario?

  9. @Dallas,

    It seems a recent update to IE has caused it to misidentify certain signatures. For now, my recommendation is to use another browser (Firefox or Chrome, say).

  10. @Dallas,

    I’ve updated the installer with a new signature which should work with IE properly (and a new version, 1.5.1). Please let me know if it doesn’t.

  11. The only problem that I had downloading the second time was an error from Windows Defender, but, I do have the game installed. Also, I mentioned this before, but could you add the option to switch from lets say the Republican Party to the Libertarian Party during the primaries? (similar to the move Gary Johnson made back in the 2012 election, he was running for the Republican Party’s nomination, but dropped out, ran for the Libertarian Party’s nomination and won.)

  12. Yeah, I’d like to see candidates have the options of breaking away and running on a 3rd party ticket. However, only certain candidates should have that ability. They’d have to be very different from the eventual nominee. This would help with the 1912 scenario a lot.

  13. I think every or most of the candidates should have that ability. It would be interesting to play as Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann and be able to switch to the Libertarian Party or the Green Party during the primaries.

  14. Re: switching parties,

    I’ve been thinking about how to do this. I think it can be done (it’s not at the top of the priorities list right now, though). The trick will be having an existing party in the game, that a player can switch to. In the case of the Bull-Moose Party, that would mean having a ‘vacant’ party existing that TR could switch to at some point.

  15. I think Peter King will definitely run 3rd party if Cruz or Paul is nominated. He’s running only to combat them, as he publicly stated.

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