Kickstarter campaign for President Forever 2016 for Mac coming …

Hi everyone,

I’m pleased to announce that we will be starting a Kickstarter campaign for President Forever 2016 for Mac!

It will probably start Oct. 9, and go until Nov. 8. Work on a Mac version will start if and as soon as the Kickstarter goal is met.

For those unfamiliar, Kickstarter is a way to get funds to launch a project. Typically, there are levels of rewards that supporters can choose, and a time limit of so many days, with a goal for funding the project. Supporters can pledge amounts, and if the goal is reached then the project goes ahead (and supporters get rewards for the amount they’ve pledged – the most obvious reward will be a copy of the game for Mac!). If the goal isn’t reached, no one pays anything (but of course the project doesn’t go ahead).

I’ll be opening things up for feedback from you guys, our community, to help us finalize the details of the Kickstarter campaign, to maximize the chances of it being a success. I’ve wanted to do a Mac version for a long time, and with your help, it will happen very soon.

More details soon …

If you haven’t already, you can subscribe to get developments on the Mac version here.

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