Review of President Forever 2016 in “A Voter’s Journey” by Bill Lewers

In Bill Lewers’ recently published book, “A Voter’s Journey,” in the chapter “My Favorites,” he reviews P4E16:

“President Forever 2016 (PC game). 270soft: A computer game that allows you to manage the political campaign for any of the candidates for selected presidential elections. It gets revised every few years, and I’ve played the various versions spanning back a decade or so. I still recall fondly one Thanksgiving evening when Mary’s nephew, Will, and I spent a number of hours trying to get Eugene Debs to win the 1912 presidency-we were not successful, but he did win a number of key states. The latest revision allows for primaries, VP selection, debates, advertising, endorsers, scandals, and all kinds of neat stuff. Recommended for the political junkie who wants to take things “to the next level.”

Lewers’ book, about elections and politics from the perspective of the citizenry (instead of politicians or operatives), is available on Amazon here.

6 thoughts on “Review of President Forever 2016 in “A Voter’s Journey” by Bill Lewers”

  1. Bar some big modding that equates to cheating it’s surely impossible for Debs to win and that’s as it should be even if you do make a far better go of it.

  2. Well considering I won the 2016 scenario as Jesse Ventura (lost the popular vote by 4% but won the E.C. by a wide margin over Christie), and considering there were so many candidates splitting up the vote in 1912, I think it should be possible to win as Debs with 30% or so if you do things just right. Heck I think even Eugene Chafin of the Prohibition Party should be included in that scenario! He got 1.4% of the vote, better than Johnson in 2012.

  3. I believe you but I just have to know how you pulled this off. Building up footsoldiers and organisation then launching 4 attack ads all in the last week?

  4. Yeah it wasn’t too hard partly because Ventura doesnt stumble in media appearances as much as Johnson and others. I spent a lot of CP on getting tons of endorsers (2-3 CP per turn usually), spend a lot of cp earlier on building up command strength and fundraising strength, and focused on building up org. strength and footsoldiers in large states so that when I hit them up for fundraising I got major cash. Getting endorsers gets you the momentum that gets you media appearances, which gets you the base you need in large states which gets you the cash for ads late in the race. I also worked on issue knowledge and debate skill occasionally, I think by the end I either maxed out both or had issue knowledge at 5 and debating at 4. I was lucky to have no ads backfire except one I launched 3-4 days before the election, if it hadnt been for that I might have won Mississippi and Alabama. As things were I won CA, OR, WA, TX, AR, FL, NC, WV, IL, WI, MN, NY, CT, RI, PA, and OH for 285 electoral votes (32.5% of the popular vote). I only competed at all in 5 states I didnt win so that partly explains the low popular vote. Won 1 pres. debate and the vp debate, Christie won the other two and Cuomo tanked in all of them (gave up on maintaining his issue knowledge and debate skill – maybe a glitch). Cuomo finished just short of 100 ev I think. I had all the general election endorsers like the nra and unions endorse me, as well as about 15 governors and 25 senators. Medium difficulty.

  5. I’m still stunned how incredibly poorly this game operates in basic gameplay. Get it to stop crashing before spreading praise – it’s not a game if it doesn’t actually, you know, play!

  6. @RSM,

    What version are you playing? The latest version of President Forever 2016 is called President Infinity, and it is available to all owners.

    If you are using the latest version and find it is crashing, please contact us ( ) and we can try to help you there.

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