Kickstarter President Forever 2016 for Mac campaign preview now available

Hi everyone,

Thanks to everyone for their feedback so far. The Kickstarter preview is here. (Note: the campaign is not live yet, this is a preview link only.)

We plan to launch the Kickstarter campaign on Thursday, Oct. 10th at 12 noon EST, finishing on Nov. 8th, the same day of the year as the 2016 election.

Feedback is welcome on the campaign! Think there’s a reward that would make the campaign better? Notice a mistake somewhere on the page? Think something isn’t explained clearly enough? Anything else?

Feel free to post questions or comments here, or e-mail us.


2 thoughts on “Kickstarter President Forever 2016 for Mac campaign preview now available”

  1. Hi Anthony,

    I’m playing P4E for about a your or so now and I think you should make the user interface your primary target for future releases. There are still too many bugs, usability problems and display glitches in the game and I think it might hurt the outcome of the kickstarter campaign.

    Let me tell you the bugs and issues that bother me most:
    – If you go to the advertisement screen and want to move the ads window it gets stuck on the mouse coursor and will not release until you press the close button and another clickable button in the game window, after that it will move the game window to your mouse pointer position
    – If you click a state and then on endorsements it shows you no endorsments. If you open the endorsment window via the electoral vote info window, there are the endorsments for this state.
    – Scroll bars!! Please put them in. Also useful filters for the tactical screen, the general endorsers screen (like filtering for most supported, least differnce from platform etc.)
    – Let users choose the canditate colors. When there are many canditates the games uses very similar colors and you cannot see who is who (for example on the platform screen when you click a particular issue)
    – Make the map a vector graphic and let us have a full screen mode
    – Show the issue familarity value when the user wants to train it. Similar to debating window. Maybe one could even focus on an issue and have the chance to gain an insight.
    – The sorting by percent on the tactical screen should differentiate between postive and negative values. At the moment +15 and -15 percent are right beneath each other. Also let us sort by the number of vote a state gets you.
    – The polling percentage change numbers on the map are sometimes diffent than the actual numbers. Also please make them stick the whole week so that the player can focus on the states where he lost percentage.
    – Let us see the progress of the oposing parties primaries. I want to know on which canditate I should focus when I have locked up the nomination and the other party is still undecided.
    – The barnstorming and rally info screen should be easier to read. Use some paragraphs and maybe highlight the calculated power value.

    Please don’t get me wrong, I really like the game. The engine works nicely, it’s exciting, the momentum shifts are great and the final election screen is nicely done and makes me bite my nails every time. But the general game interface is really bad and takes some of the fun away because I have to write down a lot of stuff like possible endorsers, ads and where I have used them etc.
    The mac community is used to pretty design and good usability. That said I really hope you can do some quick fixes to the UI and release a new demo and some screenshots because I bet it would make the kickstarter campain a lot more likely to become a great success.

    Thanks for reading this and I hope you can use this constructive critisism to make this game even more fun for everyone 🙂

    Cheers from Austria!

  2. @Michael,

    Thank you for this feedback – I am also not at all satisfied with the user-interface, and the last update included a step towards improving it with the Offers Screen. Right now, I’m redoing the Endorsers Screen (including addressing several points you make above).

    “That said I really hope you can do some quick fixes to the UI and release a new demo and some screenshots because I bet it would make the kickstarter campain a lot more likely to become a great success.”

    Probably not a quick fix in time for the campaign, as it starts tomorrow. However, the user-interface will continue to be improved incrementally going forward.

    If we add Mac, then we’ll probably switch to a vector-capable graphics system (for both Windows and Mac), which in turn will allow for different display sizes and so on.

    Thanks again – your particular points are noted!

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