President Forever & Congress Forever Kickstarter – Final Push!

Hi there,

There are 30 15 8 5 0 hours in the 270soft Kickstarter campaign left to order:

Congress Forever 2014 (Windows or Mac) pre-order 50% off at $10.

President Forever 2016 (Windows or Mac) 25% off at $15.

There’s also Steering Council, Feature Yourself as a Candidate in the Game, 270soft Built Campaigns of your choice, and more.

If you’re already a backer, thank you! Your support is helping us to make President Forever 2016 and Congress Forever 2014 better.

Help to make the final push in our Kickstarter campaign a success!

Options are here:

By helping us with this campaign, you’ll also be helping us to make President Forever 2016 even better by building a base of support for the Mac – and also moving the game closer to iOS and Android versions (for tablets in particular). This means we’ll be able to allocate more resources to the game, meaning even if you already have Windows, this campaign succeeding will help make President Forever 2016 better.

Good gaming!

7 thoughts on “President Forever & Congress Forever Kickstarter – Final Push!”

  1. Congratulations! The campaign is a success, and the amount of money donated is well over the campaign goal. I donated money, being my first time to take interest in a Kickstarter Campaign and donate money to a amazing game. This is simply amazing, and again, congratulations!

  2. Hi Anthony,

    Congratulations on getting it over the line. Any ETA on when we can expect to see keys for the windows version?

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