What’s ahead for 2014

We had a big 2013. Highlights include

  • Approx. 24 updates released for President Forever 2016 (around 2 per month), including adding a Campaign Editor, expanding the 2016 campaign, 2008 Beta, and many features, enhancements, and bug fixes.
  • Release of Prime Minister Forever – Australia 2013, our first Parliamentary game to use the latest game engine.
  • Successful Kickstarter campaign to bring President Forever 2016 to the Mac.

What’s ahead for 2014

  • Continued expansion of President Forever 2016, now guided in part by the Steering Council.
  • Release of President Forever 2016 for Mac (we’re aiming for March).
  • Update of Prime Minister Forever – Australia 2013 to include a hypothetical 2016 campaign and bring it up to date with enhancements made to the latest game engine.
  • Release of Congress Forever 2014 (initial official release for mid-2014).

Thanks to everyone who has helped make this year a success! In particular, people helping with feedback, info for campaigns, reporting bugs, and supporting the Kickstarter campaign. Thank you!

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