Vote Result for June 8th, 2014

The winner of the June 8th SC vote was marquee campaign …

Kentucky Senate 2014 (Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell vs. Kentucky Sec. of State Alison Grimes)

winning in the second round with with 56% of the vote against Maine Governor 2014 at 26% and Texas Governor 2014 at 19%!

(Perhaps another marquee 2014 race will be a future winner?)

Voter turnout was 25-27 (first-second rounds).

You can see a list of upcoming features voted on by the SC to be implemented for President Forever 2016 here (scroll down to ‘What’s coming up next?’).

Now for the seventh SC vote of 2014.

This vote will be for adding 5 new 2016 presidential candidates to the official 2016 campaign, for any of the 4 existing parties.

If you want to participate in the vote, you must be a member of the SC (Steering Council).

Mac President Forever 2016 – Version Amundsen – Test Release – 1.6.4


Our very first Mac for President Forever 2016 Test Release has been released!

Note: this is a Test Release. There are known problems (described below). If you encounter another problem, please let us know and we will add it to the list.

How to install:

If you are a Kickstarter backer with a Mac P4E16 reward, you should have received an e-mail notifying you the Test Release is available. If not, you can contact us. Alternately, you can go here.

You can then go to the web-site, and request a download e-mail.

Download the file through the link in the download e-mail.

You may get a warning when downloading or installing the game. This is because we are waiting for certification from Apple, which takes a couple weeks.

Run it, which will create a new virtual drive on your desktop.

Open the drive (if it doesn’t automatically open), and move the ‘p4e16’ app file to your Applications folder.

You can then move the dmg file to the trash if desired.


OS X 10.7 Lion or higher.

A few things that haven’t been implemented yet:

  • Some of the graphics are still being fine-tuned.
  • Mac functionality to close a window instead of quit an application from the main window.
  • Sounds are not complete.
  • Inline Help system is not complete.
  • Help file is not complete.
  • Campaign Editor is not activated.
  • Images have pixelation on Retina displays.
  • DMG file will be made more intuitive for install.

Things fixed or changed for the forthcoming version:

  • Can now modify issue positions for all issues, not just the first one

Currently, the Mac version is available only to Kickstarter backers with that reward. We’ll be opening it up once we’ve moved to an official release, including ordering directly from the 270soft site and also from the App Store.

There are bound to be some bumps and hiccups in the roll-out, I’ll do my best to remedy these as I become aware of them.

What you can expect next:

  • Continued work with subsequent Test Releases for Mac, addressing the issues above and more.
  • For Windows users, a Test Release for Windows fairly soon.
  • Implementation of remaining rewards from the Kickstarter campaign, which will be fully implemented for the first official release.

Thanks everyone for your support! I’m excited to move forward with our first cross-platform app!

New Version Naming Conventions

We’re almost ready to release the first Mac Test Release, and shortly after that a new Windows Test Release.

Starting now, we’ll be using a new version naming convention. Instead of a simple number for a version, with a possible Test Release and number, each major release will have a name, followed by whether it is a Test Release, and then the version number.

For example, “President Forever 2016 – Version Name_Here – 1.6.4”, or “President Forever 2016 – Version Name_Here – Test Release – 1.6.4,” if it’s a test release.

Both test releases and regular releases will increment the version number by 1 each time (so, 1.6.4, 1.6.5, and so on), instead of having a static version number for test releases with a second number added to the “Test Release” part (“Test Release 5” and so on).

Right now, the Mac version is ready to go – just fixing a few last minute bugs and then getting distribution ready.