New Version Naming Conventions

We’re almost ready to release the first Mac Test Release, and shortly after that a new Windows Test Release.

Starting now, we’ll be using a new version naming convention. Instead of a simple number for a version, with a possible Test Release and number, each major release will have a name, followed by whether it is a Test Release, and then the version number.

For example, “President Forever 2016 – Version Name_Here – 1.6.4”, or “President Forever 2016 – Version Name_Here – Test Release – 1.6.4,” if it’s a test release.

Both test releases and regular releases will increment the version number by 1 each time (so, 1.6.4, 1.6.5, and so on), instead of having a static version number for test releases with a second number added to the “Test Release” part (“Test Release 5” and so on).

Right now, the Mac version is ready to go – just fixing a few last minute bugs and then getting distribution ready.

3 thoughts on “New Version Naming Conventions”

  1. Very awesome! I can’t wait to finally be able to play P4E again 😀 it’s been a long wait.

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