Congress Forever 2014 – Latest Info

Hi everyone,

Congress Forever 2014 is currently our top priority. It has taken longer to release than anticipated because of the long period of time the Mac version of President Infinity took.

Congress Forever 2014 will be available for both Windows and Mac. Initially, it will contain the 2014 Senate and House campaigns. Additional historical campaigns will then be added after that.

When further info is available (such as initial release dates) it will be posted on the blog.

Thanks everyone for your interest and patience on this!

10 thoughts on “Congress Forever 2014 – Latest Info”

  1. I had hoped that it would have been out in time for my birthday but I still look forward to it very much. I feel the game engine is best suited to the Congress games.

  2. Since playing Congress Forever recently, one thing I noticed that I hope is included in the new version (based on President Infinity) is the ability to target ads from the strategic screen instead of going into each state which is obviously tedious.

  3. This is great! I do hope primaries, or the ability to fund said candidates in the Republican or Democrat primaries, will be added at some point.

  4. @Erik,

    Yes, you will be able to target ads from the Strategy Screen in Congress Forever 2014.


    It would add a nice dimension to the game – we’ll see.

  5. @Michael,

    Congress Forever 2014 is our top priority right now. I expect it to be released before the November elections.

  6. @Anthony when do you think a “early BETA” will be released to the Steering Council members? I am very interested in helping testing the game and provide feedback way before the official launch date.

  7. Yes, an early Beta will be released to the SC. Due to PI for Mac being 6 months later than anticipated, the timing will be shorter for this.

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