President Infinity for Mac is now available!

President Infinity for Mac

President Infinity for Mac is very close to official release. You can get it now, and immediately have access to the latest test release, and then also receive the official release when that happens.

President Infinity will continue to be updated as we move towards Nov. 2016.

(Note: President Forever 2016 is now President Infinity.)

You can get it here

President Infinity for Mac requirements:

OS X 10.8 and higher.

For information on what the latest version contains, see here.

32 thoughts on “President Infinity for Mac is now available!”

  1. @Anthony

    Is there an estimated date range when the campaign editor will be fully functioning for windows? I’m hoping to be editing my 1916,1920 and 1924 scenarios soon to finish them up and get working on 1928. Thanks

  2. @John Williams,

    Perhaps. It is probably the next logical step after a Mac version (as far as adding different operating systems), and I would like to see it happen.

  3. Hey you guys said something earlier about publishing via the App Store, have a bit of iTunes credit and was wondering if that’s still on the cards after official release?

  4. Firstly, thank you so much guys and all those who supported the Kickstarter campaign (which I would have done if I’d seen it at the time!). It’s been six long years since I played and enjoyed your games on PC – your games have quite literally been the last remaining things I missed from my Windows PC days.

    I’m enjoying Infinity so far, however can I ask that it be enhanced for the Retina display. It is really quite blurry on my screen – I’m sure this is something you already have in mind for the full release.

    Aside from that, PI is so far, so very good. I’m delighted to have it.

  5. @Adam,

    Thanks for the feedback! Yes, adding higher-resolution images so Retina displays use them instead of the regular resolution images is on the to-do list.

  6. Thanks Anthony – it’s the text blurring I’m referring to primarily though. Happy to screenshot and send if it helps you guys?

  7. Things I’ve found from playing: Too many scandals. Seems like there is one on every turn. Also once a candidate is popular, they are being asked to do interviews on every turn. Sometimes it is the same show 2 or 3 times in a row. Just doesn’t seem realistic. I think these are the only two things that kind of drive me crazy. Love the game otherwise. And so happy to see it on the Mac. Been missing it.

  8. Debates should be optional and negotiable. In addition, there should be an option to have debate prep that once activated, automatically is included in CP calculation. It’s terribly annoying to keep clicking that button every turn. And if it isn’t then the debate performance is horrible.

  9. @Erik,

    Thanks for this feedback – noted. Yes, it would be nice to have a way to automatically work on Debate Skills or Issue Familiarity – again, noted.

  10. Hi there,

    Just wondering, if purchased for mac. Is the game available for immediate download? Or do I have to wait for it to be posted?

  11. @Anthony
    DO you have a ETA for the BETA version of Congress Forever 2014? Say within the next couple of weeks? I would also think, since you renamed President Forever 2016 as President Infinity, you could also rename Congress Forever 2014 to Congress Infinity?

  12. There’s no way to know an ETA right now. My guess is that an initial beta will be released to SC within the next couple of weeks, but that’s a guess.

    Congress Forever 2014 is a working name only – no final decision has been made on the name yet.

  13. Any idea/update on when president infinity for mac will be officially release and available through app store

  14. @Simon,

    I don’t know exactly when this will happen. First, we’ll complete the authorization process with Apple. Then, it’s a matter of getting PI in particular authorized and making sure it works properly with the App Store. It might be awhile – I would say at least a month.

  15. @anthony when this is on the App Store, would you be able to make it *auto-update* say, if you download, release a new version, the app store should alert the user, and allow us to update through the store.

  16. @Dallas,

    I am not familiar enough with the technical details at this point to say how it will work, but in theory, yes, it should work like other App Store apps. There are a few steps before we get to that point, though.

  17. Hi. I was really enjoying President Infinity but now for some reason right before I start a new campaign it just exits me out of the app. I tried re downloading the app but that didn’t help either. Would you have any idea how I can fix this?

  18. Just updated to 1.8.0 and the scandals seem higher than normal. Almost every turn is a scandal and usually multiple candidates have a scandal announced on a turn. I even turned off spies.

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