Mac President Infinity – Version Amundsen – Test Release – 1.7.1

(Note: President Forever 2016 has been renamed to President Infinity.)

Mac President Infinity v. Amundsen – Test Release – 1.7.1 has been released!

This update properly filters save files when loading a save game, allows for deleting existing save files when loading a save game, fixes the ‘Error 404’ help file bug, possibly fixes the “Leader::GetAttributeStrength” error message on Yosemite, and makes a couple other bug fixes. This is still a test release, there are known bugs.


  • Sound doesn’t work.

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4 thoughts on “Mac President Infinity – Version Amundsen – Test Release – 1.7.1”

  1. I have two minor visual suggestions:

    1) I could be missing it, but in President Forever 2016 there was always a line that said (for example) “Obama is in Pennsylvania” etc. I don’t see one of these in President Infinity, but I could be mistaken. This just makes it easier to see where your guy is.

    2) When loading a saved game, the “tracker” for seats/polling starts fresh. Is there a way that you could (easily I hope) make it so when you save a game, the stats also save? This is minor and not essential, but I thought it would be cool.

  2. When you play with Bloomberg, the penalty for barnstorming in a specific region does not reset after the convention.

  3. I like the idea of Mike Huckabee playing this game as Michael Bloomberg
    or maybe it is Michael Bloomberg playing as himself but claiming to be Mike Huckabee

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